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21 hours ago, DivineCheer1000 said:

You guys should settle it in Smash! See who the real ultimate Hedgehog is! (Its Sonic BTW...)

9PZhtIo.png We tried that. But Shadow gets so mad when he loses... Last time we played, he Chaos Blast'd the console.

Eznh9Y1.png Speaking of, you still owe me a new game console Shadow. And don't tell me you can't afford it! You don't even use those paychecks from G.U.N. for anything!

q1SHbEE.png What's wrong, Sonic? Jealous of my disposable income? Get a job, you tree-hugging vagabond!


20 hours ago, Renegade the Unicorn said:

Hey Eggman, how do you groom your mustache?

BrRgPR2.png The secret is quite simple! First, you need good product. I use a firming gel product called "Adam & Sven". Then, you use a comb, and also carefully trim it to become impeccably stunning and handsome. It's a constant task trying to maintain such gorgeous facial locks, but worth the extra prep time in the morning.

Eznh9Y1.png Really? I heard a rumor that your 'stache was a fake.

1YO4MPX.png Maybe we should tug on it to see if it comes off!

BrRgPR2.png No, no! I--er, I assure, there's no need for that! Stop! Why are you coming closer?! *Girly scream*

24 minutes ago, DivineCheer1000 said:

Hey Sonic, what's the fastest you've ever gone?

Eznh9Y1.png Not sure, honestly. Last time I did a speed test, I registered 786 mph. But that was when I was as young as Classic Me! I'm older now, and I'm pretty sure I've gotten much faster since then. Haven't really clocked a max speed or anything, but I wouldn't be surprised if I could move at the speed of light by now!

1YO4MPX.png I think that might be an exaggeration... But it's not unheard of for someone's abilities to improve as they get older, so long as they keep up physical fitness and exercise their talents as often as possible.

BrRgPR2.png Ooh! If that's the case, then perhaps my IQ has finally broken past that glass ceiling of 300!

nEio02c.png There's also such a thing as "peaking", ya know. Happens when people get old.

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7 minutes ago, Toshigami Equine said:


nEio02c.png There's also such a thing as "peaking", ya know. Happens when people get old.

No one in the Sonic universe ages! Sonic keeps having his 16th birthday every year!

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1 hour ago, Renegade the Unicorn said:

Sonic, how do you feel about cheese or relish on your chili dogs?

Eznh9Y1.png Cheese is a pretty good condiment! Can't quite replace mustard, but it's a pretty good second choice. As for relish? Only if I'm feeling festive. But no matter what, it's got to have some chopped onion! It gives the chili dog that little bit of spice that's extra nice.

1YO4MPX.png Uh oh. Be careful with those kind of questions, Renegade! Being a connoisseur of chili dogs is pretty much the only thing Sonic slows down for. Once you get him talking about it, you can hardly get him to stop!

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11 minutes ago, Renegade the Unicorn said:

Orbot and Cubot: who's on first?

cwiOBBB.png Naturally! And on second base is...

4bzmMJu.png No, no, NO! We are not going through this routine again! You suckered me into it the first time, Cubot, but I will not be accosted by your nonsense rhetoric a second time! I've ultimately come to the conclusion that I have no idea who's on first, what's on second, and as for third... I don't even know, and I DON'T CARE! Comprende?

cwiOBBB.png That's exactly right, Orbot! You DO understand!

4bzmMJu.png !!  *A problem has been detected and Orbot has been shut down to prevent damage to his mainframe. Beginning dump of physical memory. Physical memory dump complete. 404 Orbot.EXE Not Found. Contact your system administrator or technical support group for further assistance.*

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