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2019 IDW Holiday Special


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So a few weeks ago, we got the sneak peek of the next holiday special. Here it is:


Alright, now I'm gonna complain.....


why ANOTHER Sparity story? Isn't their arc done? Doesn't Spike have OTHER friends? Instead of developing the friendships he already has like Thorax or Gabby, or making new chemistries with characters like Flurry Heart, we get a bond we've seen too many times already. Well, let's hope their relationship takes a very unexpected turn then, like in Dragon Dropped, cause I dunno what else we can do with these characters together, they're just tending to the Sparity fans. No one even cares, I'm complaining for nothin'! :P

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I was hoping for something more than a rehash of Sweet and Elite :/

Hopefully it's still better than last year's lame "Anti-Commercialization of Christmas" Flim Flam scam #4937

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