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movies/tv Anyone watch any other shows on Discovery Family or Hub?


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From our years of watching MLP:FIM, I'm sure that you saw commercials for the other shows on Discovery Family and before that, Hub. So I was thinking, did anyone decide to watch anything else on the channel? What do you think of the other shows?

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I never had the network unfortunately. I’ve seen some shows on it both old and new(mainly Littlest Pet Shop and Transformers Prime), but not much else 

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We have the channel and as the Hub we actually watched quite a lot, even before MLP even.

First starting with game shows like Family Game Night, Game of Life, and Scrabble Showdown.

Then there were the more older aged shows of Dan Vs. and R.L. Stine's A Haunting Hour.

Finally it watching the reruns of Animaniacs and sometimes Tiny Toons.

And it was turning on the TV to watch Animaniacs one morning that ended up being an episode of MLP instead and the rest was history.

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