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How many profile views do you have?


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As of now my profile got

28,908 profile views

That means within the last 70 d my profile got 9088 more views in total which are ≈ 130 views per day

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Very few. Besides, did you notice how people often manipulate their expression around others to present themselves in a way they are not? Or is it just me?
Well, I am not that kind of person. I often speak out, and this tends to make people really unconfortable for some reason. Also, I like to play around a lot. It is in the nature of the luciferian souls. We are playful even in the smallest aspects of our life, not always to the desired effect. We would fake our death just for fun. Just like morrison or bowie.
Still, I can definitely feel the luciferian frustration when it comes to manipulate the narrative of the plane without reaction from the public. It is like pranking someone who is too dumb to realize it is being pranked. Like the self-assembling dna chains of graphene oxide nano-tubes and components present in the vaccine. But nothing...
Do you know how many injuries have been caused world-wide because of the electromagnetic charge on the graphene oxide causing massive blood clots due to iron in blood? And nothing... no reaction. They still believe the governments of the world are on their side after this... and it hurts me because I love you.
But we may have gone a little too far with the spray of DDT on the population during the past. A lot of autism cases, and increasing thanks to the polio agenda. They said "it was neccesary to make them docile". "Keep them traumatized".

About my personality. It is not static. And human beings like the boring safety of predictability, routine and monotony because they have been trained for eons to run this machine the luciferian families benefit from. Imagine most of them still believe in the moon landing... or god. Do you really think if there was a god, he would have allowed all of this to happen? Keep waiting for santa, dear child.

I hope this is childhood's end for humanity. Because this is getting booooooooring. And when I get bored, things start blowing up around the world. But yeah. The system treats the population like complete idiot children and they do not realize they are being lied to, and used on every front. It is almost sad. So, I try to shake them up. "Reality is not what you want to believe". "Hey!", "HEY!". You know the answer, already. Nothing.

But that is in part the reason why I am not very popular with people in general. It is my honesty. I am unveiling myself. As opposed to most of our collective, who would lie to your face with a smile. I was the only one who felt compassion for humanity. And they nailed me to a T for it. And now, I am in the crossroad again. And they are really making me hate humanity again. Hopefully jesus comes soon to save me from myself.

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