More concept art- Celestia and Irae size comparison

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Time for a new story update, as well as new concept art to share. 


Starting with the picture, I wanted to do a size comparison between Irae and another pony. I chose Princess Celestia since I don't think I have drawn her yet. I wanted the size difference to be similar to that of Dragon Lord Torch, but with Irae not always being on all 4's. He also wields a weapon, which I am going to call the Mountain Breaker. It can be used as a melee weapon, but its true power lies within its magic. It contains the siphoned magic of a hundred thousand unicorns. Once again, I will save the story details for later when I write it in my first proper draft. 


As for the story, updates have been slow lately due to my recent workload combined with a case of writer's block. This is something I'll overcome though. The story's been updated a bit as of November 19th. for the draft so far, you can read it here:

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Your drawing shows great scale! Not only size comparison, but the entire framing!

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