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Hey all, 

I know recently we’ve been hit with some spammers, and I know how frustrating that is, but when you see that happening, if you could stick to 1-2 reports with details as to what’s going on, otherwise we get a deluge reports for every instance. The spammers are flagged as such, and their posts are removed in one press of a button, but then we have to go through every report submitted, in case it’s not regarding the spammer, comment on it, and close it individually. It’s very much appreciated that y’all are trying to keep the forums running clean and smooth, but if you could help us with keeping the reports manageable as well, that would be much appreciated. 

Some protections have been put in to place to help better deal with the spam temporarily. They shouldn’t affect established members.

Thanks all! :please:

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[Just a friendly reminder.]

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