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movies/tv Making sense out of Ecliptor's death in "Countdown to Destruction"


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Power Rangers in Space happens to be perhaps the best series of Power Rangers, and Countdown to Destruction is considered one of the best finales in the history of the show. 

However, one of the problems that many people have is with the final defeat of the United Alliance of Evil. Zordon orders Red Ranger Andros to shatter the energy tube to save the universe, when he does, it releases an energy wave that destroys all the evil forces reducing them to dust. However, it turns Rita, Lord Zedd, and Divatox into good humans. The main problem people have is that Astronema's general, Ecliptor was reduced to dust. People complain because he showed nobility throughout the series, and cared genuinely for Astronema.

However I figured I'd like to try to make sense out of things here and explain why things happened the way they did. 

The Z-Wave, as it's called by the fandom IMO only restores those who were originally born to be good, but were corrupted by the forces of evil. Ecliptor was a robot, built to be evil. He said it so himself in an episode, and thus had no good form to be restored back to, which is why he was destroyed. Divatox one can argue may have been the long lost twin sister of Dimitria, it was hinted at in an episode of Turbo. Rita and Zedd, I would like to assume that Rita was once a good human who was kidnapped and raised to be evil by Master Vile. Zedd is a little trickier, but I assume he was also a human before and was turned evil, and his body underwent a transformation. Whereas Ecliptor despite being noble, had no original good form to be restored back to, so he was killed by the Z-Wave. 

Does this make any sense to you? Will this make Ecliptor's death more understandable?

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