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How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Well, my six-year-old daughter is really into it. I watched a little bit with her, and thought it seemed cool, but the song "Time To Be Awesome" from the movie really got me hooked. It helps me start my day!

Hoping to contribute to the community and join in the pony appreciation!

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Welcome @Jollis! Always nice with new faces around there! The songs from the movie were pretty good! See if you can watch some more of the show and maybe a few Equestria Girls movies and specials as well, because they have some great songs!

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1 hour ago, fare67t said:

It's always so weird to me seeing parents get into the fandom x3

Welcome though!

Strange to me to see myself as a parent getting into it too! Especially being 39 with plenty of white hairs creeping in.
But, I suppose it's a testament to the great message, characters, and story.

Thanks for the welcome!

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I probably should rename that article, since the title makes it sound like the opposite of what it is.

Thanks for the response and the open-minded take on everything!!!

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