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Need help with naming a pony

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Wasn't sure where I should put this, so it's here. 

A  few days ago I commissioned someone to draw a custom pony and I can't think up a name for her. So I'm hoping everyone here can help give me some ideas. 

This is the pony in question she's a mix between best pony Flim and Fluttershy. 

Here's a little info on her: on the outwards, she appears to be shy and withdrawn but this is mainly so ponies will put their guard down when around her. Like Flim she's good at tricking ponies using words, she has a fascination with butterflies and other insects like dragonflies, bees and ladybirds. She has a few pet butterflies that accompany her almost everywhere (which also helps with here whole 'shy' persona) 

This is her cutie mark

Thanks in advance for any help :3

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Hmmmmmmmm... Flim and Flutters, you say?  Well, I suppose we should start by looking into different words for 'trickery', as Flim represents one half of the grandest pair of con-artists this side of the Crystal Mountains!

'Trickery': Hornswaggle, bamboozle, finagle, guile, hoax, pretense, tomfoolery, fraud, scam, con

Now, let's take a look at 'gentle' words, to reflect Fluttershy's nature in this.

'Gentle': Meek, kindly, moderate, placid, pleasant, soft, mellow, cultivated, careful

Okay, let's see if any of these have potential for names:

Placid Guile - Mellow Hoax - Kindly Pretense - Meek Hornswaggle - Soft Bamboozle - Soft Guile - Pleasant Fraud - Placid Tomfoolery 

... they look okay, but the choice is truly your own.  These are simply suggestions, and hopefully food for thought.

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Hmmm...I think your best best would be to look up a word you want to use to describe the character, then google synonyms for those words, match some things together and see what sticks.

But also try to make it flow rather then just stick two random words together (sorry poster above me, some of those seemed abit...out there).

So maybe something like... Timid Ulysses ?

the Ulysses butterfly changes colors I believe, so it would reflect your character having a different personality / outward appearance when they get closer to someone.

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Thanks for the replies, I have looking a lot into synonyms and symbolism to help me pick a name and I reckon I have a name.

Kalypso Dove (or perhaps Dovetail, but I think that makes the name a little wordy) 

According to what I've found, Kalypso means 'she that conceals' in Greek and Doves symbolises peace, but can also represent soft and gentle. I did find a butterfly that apparently is called a dovetail butterfly that's got a similar colour to my pony but I know my butterflies and I'm pretty sure it's a swallowtail, it could be an alternate name that I've never heard of though. 

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