Stretch Goal Master List - MCM VII

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We have blown through the first three goals of this year's MCM. This thread will serve as the master list of all stretch goals as they are unlocked. Separate topics will also be made specific to he milestones we reach. 



$50 Stretch Goal Unwrapped - The Generosity Badge Mark 1



$100 Stretch Goal Unwrapped

Best Gift Ever - Donors will be matched with each other for a secret santa inspired event and will be able to award their Secret Santa a custom badge as a gift. 


$250 Stretch Goals Unwrapped



Staff Solo Song - Users will vote on a staffer to sing the traditional opening song

Name Change Raffle - one donor will be randomly selected to change the display name of any staffer


$500 Goal 


Staff and User Duet
Name Change Raffle


$750 Goal 


Pie in the Face Challenge
Name Change Raffle



$1000 Goal 


Community votes on new emote
Donor Reaction Set Raffle
OC in Banner Raffle



Hints at future gifts 




Original Song Parody Challenge :) 

One Take Every Song Challenge :confused:

Cosplay Challenges :yeahno:

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Updated the list. More to come (including the 1250 one)

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