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I fielded an excellent question from a user and I realized it would be a great idea to make this a separate topic. BC Childrens Hospital is in Canada. When you donate to them on their site you are donating in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Since USD is valued at a higher amount, a US dollar goes a lot further there. In short, due to exchange rates if you donate $10 to them you would see only $7.60 debited from your US account. Conversely, if you donate on MLPF, while there is a processing fee that PayPal eats, you are donating in USD. That means a $10 donation on MLPF is like making a $13.16 on their site. 

I do start converting everything to CAD when I reconcile the tracker that you see on the forum. 

Also, if you bank in the US, any donation to an overseas charity usually triggers a fraud alert to you as a matter of course. That is your bank protecting you and making sure you are aware of the payment to Canada. Some years the bank has even disallowed payments on a foreign site until you called them in advance. This is actually why we use the MLPF system as well. 


TL;DR Exchange rates are annoying. 

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