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Who else moved to Silver Shoals besides Celestia and Luna?


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I'm sure some older ponies have retired and moved to Silver Shoals besides just the two old rulers of Equestria. There's Mr. and Mrs. Cake, for example, since Pinkie and Cheese have obviously replaced them. Who else?

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Unless we are referring to Silver Shoals as a subtle metaphor about death, I don't see why everyone would move there, in our world not all the elderly people go to a retirement center, I don't think The Cakes are currently so old as it was Granny Smith, they sure are still working there, maybe Pinkie and Cheese don't even really live there.

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Honestly I am not sure if Silver Shoals really is a retirement home or not since I think in that Point of No Return episode, Twilight and Spike went there to try to find Dusty Pages but couldn't.
The pony they asked couldn't remember the name of the place she went to but he remembers it was called "Silver", which led the two to check Silver Shoals but couldn't find her.
If it was a retirement home then she would be there but she wasn't.
(Then again my memory is fuzzy so forgive me if I got something wrong here)

I got this from the wikia and I think it also said Silver Shoals appeared in that boat episode from one of the recent seasons.

Honestly I kind of wished the royal sisters don't coup up in some retirement home(doesn't matter if there is fun activities there, it doesn't feel right for me of seeing majestic alicorns going from princesses too.. just living in a place full of old ponies.)

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