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Crown of Friendship production info?


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So a few months ago, an official stage play was produced in China in about 20-21 cities (sources vary) called My Little Pony: Crown of Friendship. Equestria Daily posted an article on it recently.

I tried to find a some production for it, primarily a cast/crew list, to no luck. I found its name in Mandarin (友谊的皇冠) and searched it on various engines (Google, Baidu, Chinese Wikipedia, the MLP Huiji Wiki etc), but I can't seem to find any sort of cast/crew list for it. Most sites I found for it just list press release information (some of which include weird marketing info saying stuff like "everyone from hot moms to single men will enjoy it" ??? might be a google translate error). But yeah, no info on the actual production of it.

I found a page for it on EquestriaCN (which is like a Chinese news site for the show, like Equestria Daily), but aside from some fan speculation and quips, nothing aside from press info. I also searched for the name there to see if there was any followups, but nothing as far as I could tell.

If theirs any Chinese user out there who kept up with the play or anyone whose more proficient in Mandarin who can better search Chinese sites, please let me know. Thanks!

(P.S., first time posting a thread here, hope I didn't mess anything up)

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