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Top 11 The Most Powerful Characters And Why In Your Opinion?

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This is the order of the most strongest characters or villains in the MLP:FiM Universe that we have seen.

11.) Sombra


No, not the Sombra from the season 9 but from the IDW comic because this Sombra is more powerful than that why he is so powerful? Because he already beat Celestia and Luna as an Alicorn and turn both of them in to the statues but he almost turn Twilight and Cadence in to the statue too. Even remember Twilight magic is not very elective to him when she shot her magic to him but that is not hurt him. This Sombra is become so powerful because Rabia and Radiant Hope give him power. This Sombra is almost win but he become a good guy because he wanted to life like the other normal Pony after Radiant Hope tell him the true so he is side with Twilight,Celestia,etc's side now to beat the Umbrum and betray them. Now Sombra life together with Radiant Hope and both of them has the last mission to find Princess Amore because Sombra said he didn't kill her but banish her.

10.) The Pony of Shadow


The Pony of Shadow is one of the Grogar creation and he life in the Pillars era and don't said if he is so weak and a bad villain because if you see The Pillars hard to stop him in the past but he is back again in the Mane 6 and Starlight's era and try to attack them. The Pony of Shasow's power is more powerful for one Unicorn or Alicorn because you can see his power is more powerful than Twilight as an Alicorn but too bad to him because Starlight help her and he can destroy Starswirl magic barrier with so easy but to beat this monster Twilight's team (plus Starlight and Sunburst) and Starswirl's team united to stop him and banish this monster in the other dimension.

9.) Discord


Discord is one of the son of Grogar and he is one of his creation but Discord didn't claim if Grogar is his father or even his god because some of the conflict between them. Discord is so powerful because he can turn everything what he want but only the Element of Harmony,Lord Tirek and Grogar can stop him but he is same level with Starlight Glimmer but maybe that because Discord is not ready if Starlight will attack him like that. Remember Discord is the Lord of Cheos and he is immortal because Grogar give him the power of immortal that is why he is hard to die.

8.) Starlight Glimmer


The most powerful unicorn and there is so many people is really love her because she so beautiful and so cute. She is Sunburst's lover before he leaving her alone that is why she is become villain in the MLP but because Twilight, Starlight become her student and from student she become close friend. Starlight is so powerful than Twilight as an Alicord and she has more many stamina than Twilight but not only of her power or even her magic is more in high level than Twilight because she can move so faster and smart but Cozy Glow play cheat to her and trap her in the undergraund. But remember if Starlight angry her eyes is become blue color and her magic become so powerful that is why Chrysalis and Cozy Glow before has a Grogar's bell terrifed to her and you can see when she is angry, she can destroy Discord's body in one shot but she didn't not until her kill him because she just banish him.

7.) Rabia


Rabia is the leader of Umbrum and he is one of the Grogar creation but some people claim if before Rabia become a leader he is one of Grogar's general long ago until Gusty beat Grogar. His power is same level with Discord,Eris and Cosmos but to bad for him because he is not really smart that is why he didn't know Sombra can betray him and all of the Umbrum. Rabia's power can created all weapon and he is so fast because his power is not limited, you can see he only one attack to Rainbow Dash and CMCs after that they lying helpless in the ground. He is the first can created the dark crystal as of his power to made weak unicron and Alicorn that is why Discord must be careful to him. Rabia and the Umbrum in the trap again in cell after Sombra betray him.

6.) Princess Eris


Princess Eris is one of the Grogar's creation and she is so close with Grogar as her father that is why Grogar gate in the Luna's dream world. Eris is more powerful because she can controlled the dream until Luna cannot stop her alone and she needs help Trixie,Tampres,etc to stop her. Eris can also controlled the Staff of Sacanas just like Storm King but she is one of the smart villain and smart strategies that is why Tampres,Luna,Trixie,etc hard to stop her until Daybreaker betray her and attack her with one shot Eris is flung because that shot but she didn't dead after that shot because she quickly recovered by itself and she is immortal.

5.) Cosmos


Cosmos is one of Grogar creation too and she is from space. In the past Cosmos is Discord's lover but she more madness than Discord because she didn't care about what she is problem. She can controlled all Alicorn and all of the Pony or even Animal like Zebras. Cosmos't power is almost same like Discord, she can turn anything what she want but the different is if Cosmoc get angry she become so big than her normal form but too bad to this villain is not really smart so Discord can trick her. now Cosmos is trap in the moon just like Princess Luna because Discord succeed banish her to the moon and she is immortal.

4.) Lord Tirek


Lord Tirek is Scorpan's brother and his parents is one of the Grogar creation but they has conflict with Grogar because something different. Lord Tirek is so powerful until can beat all of the Alicorn and also the Pillars until he can beat Discord with so easy. Lord Tirek can absorb all magic but not the Rainbow Magic. Tirek is almost win but he is so arrogant that is why he let the Mane 6,Celestia,Luna,Discord.etc stay to life and he didn't kills all of them after he fight against them. Now Tirek become the statues just like Chrysalis and Cozy Glow but maybe this is not forever.

3.) The Tree of Harmony


The Tree of Harmony is so powerful and everyone know if TTOH is more powerful than all Grogar's creation like Discord and Lord Tirek because she is not dead when Sombra destroy the tree and TTOH always back and back again that is why we can claim if TTOH cannot die because TTOH is immortal. her power can teleport every creature to another place so fast and in the season 8 and 9 we can see all of TTOH power now from can created maze and illusion to the Student six until bring back the Harmony Tree in the season 9.

2.) Grogar


Grogar is a Demon Ram Necromancer Goat,The First Emperor and the Father of All Monsters. He is live more than thousand year ago and his kingdom is Tambelon and his assistant is Bray but Sombra replace Bray and Discord replace Grogar in the season 9. I know that is a problem but remember what the story we hear, Grogar is more powerful than all creature in the world because according from the history Grogar in more powerful than 1.000 army and 1.000 army is more powerful than one Alicorn because one Alicorn is more powerful than 100 army and Lord Tirek in the final form is more powerful than 500 army so that mean Grogar is so overpower but too bad to him because Gusty the Great is banish him and already defeat him so maybe Grogar is really hate Gusty until now because that can be Grogar will be back again to revenge against Gusty or her descendants after what he did to him in the past. Grogar is immortal and he can give the power of immortal to all creature what he want that is why Grogar is become the most danger villain than Chrysalis,Tirek,etc.

80% people sure Grogar still alive after the season 9.

1.) Gusty the Great


If you said Starlight is to overpower as a Unicron, that is wrong because Gusty is more powerful than all Alicorn or even all Princess because we can see her can beat Grogar in the more than thousand year ago and banish him to some place but until now no one people know where is Gusty banish Grogar from there we can see if Gusty is so powerful but she is not Princess because she is just a ancient  hero with no one know what is she power. Maybe her power is wind if we see her cutie mark there is dress flaying in the air so maybe Gusty power is  wind element and her magic is so powerful but she can't destroy Grogar's bell but remember that is just an possibly. Gusty can created the most stronger barrier until Tirek is hard to destroy that barrier.

Just like Grogar, some people sure if Gusty still be alive.


So there it is, the most powerful characters or villains in the MLP:FiM Universe if i am wrong i really sorry so enjoy.


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Its really hard to rate the magical power of the characters, there are magical blasts, mind control, reality bending powers and so on. So its really impossible to rate them over all. Tirek at his final form had the most powerful blasts and can steal magic, sombra can mind control make crystals and other stuff, discord can do anything other then directly hurt others(probably), starlight knows more offensive spells then twilight(or at least uses them) but twilight probably knows more about magic and probably stronger(not certainly) and can use these friendship powers, starswirl is pretty powerful to as well as sunburst(but he doesn't really fight), not to mention changelings and many other characters. 


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Harmony and Everfree are the only two named entities with some semblance of great power. The first grows like tiberium and acts like the Red Marker. The other one is the only thing Harmony actually perceives as a threat and has so much regeneration that a raging centaur and some shitty wizard of renown can't even do lasting damage to its shrubbery. The rest are harmless mongrels wading in the sea of ignorance!

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A few things, not trying to be rude but:

Rabia is a lady, not a dude. She doesn't do anything of note other than manipulate Cadance and Radiant Hope. Granted, she was the only Umbrum not to be defeated by the combined forces of Rarity's parents, a few hamsters and the Cutie Mark Crusaders throwing apples, so that's...something? But she was effortlessly taken out by Sombra. Siege of the Crystal Empire was stupid.

Also. Celestia and Luna were both stated to have infinite power and were able to be capable of reshaping the entire multiverse, which is infinite in scale, and Discords mind alone is the size of infinite realms, which he and Accord could both reshape. Sombra is probably stronger than them since in the alternate timeline, Applejack remarked that even with Celestia, they couldn't stop Sombra.

Gusty was explicitly implied to be nowhere as powerful as Grogar, who himself has no actual feats, as she had to defeat him by stealing his bell. Theirs nothing that puts her in the same league as even, say, Twilight Sparkle.

A proper tier list would probably be:

  • Bookworm. Was shown to be able to destroy entire universes.
  • Starswirl the Bearded. Generally in the same power range as the Princesses, but expressed they were far and above superior than him, even when they were just teenagers.
  • Pony of Shadows. Was sealed away by Eris and not to much more powerful than basic Stygian or Starswirl iirc.
  • Princess Eris. Was actively scared of Luna and not to much more powerful than unicorns like Tempest Shadow. Kind of a pushover in her storyline.
  • Princess Cadance. Probably in the same league as the other princesses, generally treated as such at least.
  • Queen Chrysalis. Shown to be able to fight Luna, but was defeated after a beam struggle in Siege of the Crystal Empire.
  • Princess Luna / Princess Argent / Dupluna. Reasons above.
  • Princess Celestia / Princess Solar / Nightmare Star / Fauxlestia. Shown to be equal or a bit stronger than Luna.
  • (it was implied during Cosmos that the Abyssinian Royal Family, King Aspen and Queen Novo may be in the same league as Celestia and Luna and have their own versions of the Elements of Harmony but otherwise have no real feats)
  • Sombra. Reasons above.Consistently shown that Luna and Celestia can't really defeat him without artifacts 
  • Cosmos. Took all the monarchs to defeat, but was beaten by Discord.
  • Discord / Accord. Has yet to have any real opposition and has cosmic tier feats as stated above which by themselves are higher than other characters.
  • Tirek at full power. Has the power of Discord and the Princesses. Normal Tirek is hard to place.

Other characters of note would be Empress Twilight Sparkle (siad to be the most dangerous force Equestria ever encountered), Bad Apple (had some of Luna's energy), King Anubis (implied to be the Nightmare Moon of Anugypt), King Leo (Celestia's cousin) and Storm King.

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I make a top 3 because I’m lazy

3 tree of harmony

2 pinkie pie

1 Discord/cosmos

i have 2 top 2s because there at the same strength I think

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