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What Do You Think Makes A Well Written Character?

Astral Vision

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As everyone knows, a good character needs to have many strong qualities such as a unique personality, particular capabilities, and especially a few weaknesses. I've seen many examples of fan made character backstories going around, but I've noticed a bit of a pattern with some of them, that pattern being that a few of them can be pretty long. I'm not looking to judge anyone, but one of the tips I can provide for this is to keep it simple. In other words, make it so you can sum up your character in one sentence. For example, if you were looking to describe Twilight, you could say this: "An intelligent pony princess who loves to read books." Those who hear this basic description are able to build upon this view and develop their own interpretation of the character much easier. But that's not to say you should make your character bio too short, just try to write a summary that expands on information one piece at a time, rather than trying to introduce new information all at once. So in conclusion, try to keep things simple, because basic concepts are much easier to develop than complex ones.

So do tell, in your own opinion, what do you think makes a well-written character?

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@Astral Unity

The section Sugarcube Corner is designated for discussing the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic indirectly. This thread is not doing that. Rather, it is asking a question regarding original characters (assuming they are related to said series). Therefore, your thread has been moved to Original Character Help and received a title alteration to give it proper context.

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Consistency. A well written character is not necessarily a good one. A good character is a character well-suited for the role it was given, but it can be ruined by the lack of consistency.



I believe that the true question in the OP is: What makes a good protagonist? Even this question is too broad as we should probably be discussing FIM protagonists. And even then our fandom is divided on the path since good slice-of-life protagonists and good action adventure protagonists are quite different.


What does a good lighthearted fantasy comedy action adventure character look like?




Megumin is how you may want to approach your great wizard in such a show. FIM magic users are taken way too seriously while magic ruleset and villains are a joke. Make everything into a joke then. You know why they didn't do that? These sorry ass FIM writers have no humor. They make animators do funny pony faces and that's that. What a joke.

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The inherit conflict within the character design being interesting would help. Rarity from the Mane Six has the most interesting character from this aspect because she is both greedy and selfless at the same time. This led to episodes like Rarity Takes Manehattan and Inspiration Manifestation. Rainbow Dash on the other side, doesn't have that for that matter.

Character's attitude also helps. Even when a certain character eventually comes to the same conclusion, the attitude can make a huge difference.

And remember kids. No parents.

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