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Greetings, users. I've started to make some videos regarding Diablo III and thought I would start a thread here for it ... because why not.


YouTube username: GambitsEnd


I've only got a few uploaded currently, but I have tons planned and in progress!





Videos regarding Diablo III. Most of them will be Guides, but I have plans for play through, contest, informational, comic/sit com style, and other types of videos.



Video Links




Whimsyshire - Complete Guide [

] [
  • Not only tells you everything you need to access the secret level Whimsyshire, but will also show you exactly how and where - including tips to make it easier! Extended Edition is recommended.
Development Hell Guide [
  • Another secret level that features the names of the game developers - with a boss battle and hidden achievement! Instructions on how and where to find this level.



[Will be updated as I get questions]


What are those white things on your back?

Angelic Wings, a Collector's Edition bonus.


Can / Will you do _______ as a video?

Possibly. I take requests, just be sure to contact me using one of the methods below.



Contact Methods

  • PM me on these forums
  • Post in this thread
  • Message me on YouTube
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