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animation Would Jyushimatsu from Osomatsu-San be considered offensive?


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I doubt many have heard of this anime, but there's a dub coming out in the future and curious if this character would be considered offensive. We all remember Derpygate, don't we?

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I’m not familiar with the anime, but “dumb” characters are incredibly common.

Derpygate happened because 1) Derpy has a noticeable physical difference in the form of her eyes, and 2) because MLP was a show children watched, and thus, had the potential for sensitive parents sitting in the same room to SEE Derpy.

Jyushimatsu here has no physical disabilities from the little I watched, and even if he did, it’s unlikely you’ll have a large contingency of soccer moms watching this.

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Everything can be considered offensive. 

Honestly though I've given up already on the what is or isn't offensive and If I see some weird stuff where choices were obviously made to pander some snowflake audiences I'll just drop that thing and go watch some fetish anime stuff that definitely is not afraid to be what it is.

I mean this year alone we got Miru Tights and second season of Iyapan.

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