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gaming Favorite Pokémon of Galar?

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What is/are your favorite Galar Pokémon? (Galar forms count too)


My list in no particular order...







Galarian Zigzagoon




















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My favourites are: Corviknight, Dubwool (A.K.A Fluffy boi uwu), Centiskorch, Frosmoth, Boltund (A.K.A my doggo >:D), Galarian Rapidash and Inteleon :catface:

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I’m currently doing an all fairy type/fairy monotype team.

Grimmsnarl is a beast.

I love Galarian Rapidash and it does pretty well in battle.

Galarian Weezing is pretty good too.  

Alcremie is adorable and Hatterene is pretty cool too.

When I wasn’t doing an all fairy team

Toxtricity is insanely good. Hardly even used the rest of my team with him. Reminds me of how I used to run my Mimikyu in sun and moon. Hardly bothered with the rest of my team when I had it.


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My favorite Pokemon of Galar Region are:

- Appletun

- Hatterene

- Frosmoth

- Grimmsnarl

- Corviknight

- Cinderace

- Runerigus

- Dracovish

- Centiskorch

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Galarian Rapidash is my favorite! It is a gorgeous fairy tail style unicorn. I really like Galarian Ponyta, as well, but I'm glad that Galarian Rapidash became less poofy and more elegant. I hate that it has to be a regional form, meaning it will be hard to get if not impossible in later Pokemon games. =(

Zacian and Zamazenta are both excellent legendaries as well. Most legendaries throughout the series have just been "eh" for me, but I really like these two. Especially Zacian.

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