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Technical Issues Something Broken About Recently Used Emoji

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So, after the New Year, it seems every time I want to use an emoji (in a new post or status), the list at the top which featured the recently used emojis, is empty!


Of course, when you try putting an emoji like this :pistachio: and then look again, it is showing up fine. The list is building up. But if I post another status, or post, the list is empty again.

I suspect something is wrong with the code and it might have to do with the new year (date related)? I am just guessing.


Am I the only one who has this problem? :o


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Same, but I want to note that I got -200 errors recently when trying to upload like 5-12mb/file pictures 2 days ago, I doubt it has anything to do with this, but just in case I wanted to mention this.

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I'm glad you made a topic about this. I have the exact same issue and just thought it has to with my browser, like cookie settings or similar. :)

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