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Since I'm usually viewing this website through my phone, it might be a mobile only problem but...

Now I usually leave MLP FORUMS open in a tab for about an hour, I check back after the hour. There's a red circle with a 1 waiting for me. No problem.

The problem is only once I open the notifications that I discovered that several more than just one notifications happened during my hour away. I ended up missing a status update from one of my closest friends because of this.

Point being: the red notification number doesn't seem to properly count all the unread notifications when I quickly peek in the left opened tab. Maybe the number gets more recent when I simply go to another page?

I would have provided photo evidence but since I already open the notifications, the number's gone.

I'm going to retry this later and snap photo evidence to help better show the problem, but if any of you have a theory why this "unaccounted notification number" problems happens, let me know

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Not aware of the number being incorrect, BUT: While it usually should update itself to the real number, the issue might be because tabs might be inactive on the phone or the whole browser is.

So it simply likely just show the old, non-updated number of notifications. A simply workaround should be to simply reload the tab or the website by clicking at the forums banner before loading the notifications, this will pretty likely cause the number to update.

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There are probably more reasons that notifications would not match up that I could reasonably go into and discuss. Some have to do with how you are browsing and using tabs, some could be skipped due to our backend (I occasionally see traffic on notifications in the ACP backed up). Suffice to say that unless you are missing an amount to the point it is harming the general user experience for the community, it probably isn’t something that we would be able to dig further into at the moment. 


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