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It seem we got a topic on unpopular Movies and TV series opinion and so I decided to make this. Since we have a lot of gamers here. 

Here's mine

  • For Five Night at Freddy's I believe the real serial killer is Michael Atfon, and who's also Springtrap. Not his father, Willian Afton. 
  • Most of the SW games is a yawn since they keep bringing the "Darth vader" era into the time frame over and over agian.
  • Dark Souls is hard yes, but I also think it fair if you know how to level or equip your characters.

That's all I have so far



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Hey there, @TBD

There is already a larger thread in existence regarding the same topic here. Therefore, I will be locking this thread and referring you to that one.

Thank you!

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