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My Little Pony: Feats of Friendship

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Usually, I don't care about the comics but this one caught my interest. So far this series contains 3 parts, with some very interesting lore(another pony race, similar to the earth ponies introduced) and characters(swift foot and her family are very interesting and I hope to see more of theme). This new pony race, at least the royal family are all based on the story of diomedes(the kings name is diomedes) and his 4 man eating horses which are: Podargos (the swift)- swift foot            Deinos (the terrible)- terri belle          Blonn Di = Xanthos (the yellow)               Shining Light = Lampon (the shining)

Out of these swift foot is my favorite character so far but I am really interested in terri belle, she has potential.  Here is a good summery: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/11/lets-review-feats-of-friendship.html#more

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Heard this one was pretty decent, especially coming from Sonic scribe Ian Flynn. Hope he can get some more work on the main series as well. I'm really liking in general seeing IDW finally trying to expand the comics beyond the usual writers and artists it's had(who honestly have been losing a lot of steam)

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