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Name Something Satisfying


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There's no hiding it: Life can be pretty satisfying

Occasionally, something VERY satisfying might happen to you


This is what we are here to discuss. Name something you find very SATISFYING


Actually, experiencing something satisfying is what inspired me to make this topic. I had this song stuck in my head forever, but just the melody. I was thinking forever, and finally, the relief when I realized it was the beginning of the Ending Theme to Cells At Work. That relief is simply heavenly

Now you go! Ish basically dat simple

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love watching extraction/popping videos. I know a good amount of people find that stuff to be absolutely disgusting but I am part of the group that finds that stuff to be super satisfying to watch.

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Watching rally raid; especially when the Dakar Rally is happening. The scenes that accompanies various rally raid events is just simply breathtaking. Really an adventure.


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