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Twilight Sparkle has just been coronated. She has ascended to alicornhood. Flight, magic, fortitude, power, prestige, they are all the fruits of her labor. Labor is something you have though, so what gives? Ah, but she had guidance. Guidance from Princess Celestia herself.

That sounds pretty open and shut, right? The requirement for divine intervention explains why there aren't more alicorns flying around. But, what if I told you that there was a mare out there that has the same vision that this Princess Celestia has and that she is willing to give out that same guidance at no cost?

Well, this mare does exist, and your character has made their way to a secluded building to meet this mare. Ascension is within your grasp. At least that's what the invitation says as you look it over one more time.


RULES! (They can be broken if there is a good reason, but I'll be the one deciding what is and isn't a good reason. Be warned.)

- You can have multiple characters, but only one character can be a member of The Order of New Equestria! Chose wisely.

- If your character leaves the RP, you can submit another one.

- Alicorn OC's can get in so long as they have a good reason.

- Canon characters are allowed and welcome if they have a good reason to be here.

- The setting is pre-industrial. If I'm doing a good enough job then it should feel that way. In case I'm not, here is a description: Steel is expensive and requires a competent smith. Gunpowder is exotic. Electricity is exclusive to storms (Electric magic is nonexistent). The only 'automation' you're likely to see comes from rare clockwork devices that need to be manually cranked.

No God Modding. This goes without saying but deserves restating. I have final say over the NPC's and the environment. If you want to surprise someone, PM me first and we can discuss whether you succeed in what you want to do.


Note: When submitting a character, keep in mind that more information will give me a better idea of your character, but if you want us to learn more about your character as we go along, you can PM me all the details and I can approve you without you having to give away too much about your character to the rest of the RP. Just make sure you are descriptive when the RP starts if you decide to do this.


General Guidelines:

- Don't be afraid to end your post with investigating. I like telling explorative players what they found.

- Don't be alarmed if you see a PM from me, usually, I'm telling you information I don't want the rest of the RP to see until later.

- Try to be approachable. Nopony likes a brushoff!

- Don't be afraid to do some approaching of your own. Ponies don't always need a reason to find out more about the ponies around them. A lot of times discovery is the reason.

- Don't be afraid to be a little grandiose. This premise invites a lot of ambitious ponies. I don't mind working with a subplot here or there so long as it's related to the RP.

- Have fun! This is a hobby, not a job.

In Character

Accepted Characters/(Players):

Starlight Glimmer (ExplosionMare)

- Silver Tongue (2: the revenge) (ReverieRiver

- Magnolia (Monotonality)

- Fuchsia (abrony-mouse)

Aspects: Alright, you've eaten all your greens. Let's talk goodies. This AU is based on Cultist Simulator. Each character will get an affinity to an aspect that gives you access to the magic system. Unlike most magic systems though, you won't have to choose between all the aspects, I will. Upon application I will assign your character an aspect and when it's revealed, it'll be listed below. Cultist Simulator is all about being vague so you'll have to find out what your aspect does as the RP goes on. Hint: Try to save actions with your aspect for the end of the post. The last thing you want is to write a whole speech for your character only for an experiment to fail.


Heart: Starlight Glimmer


Forge: Octavia

Lantern: Magnolia




Secret Histories: Fuchsia

Time Line:

Day 1:

Evening: Starlight Glimmer arrives via train and is escorted by Octavia (under unseen duress) to a temple upon a hill, along the forest edge. They meet a mare by the name 'Silver Tongue'.

Night: A green flash erupts from the temple tower, the doors open, and Silver Tongue is knocked unconscious by a mysterious force. The group of three are harried in by threat from a monster composed entirely of fur, claw, and limb. Magnolia approaches from the forest, narrowly escapes an encounter with the same beast, and enters the temple.

The four are greeted by a mare with abnormal horns named Limbo Dreams and a stallion that shares Silver Tongues name and revives the mare. The four are offered to be awakened by Limbo Dreams. Magnolia and Starlight accept. The two are taken by Limbo into a place called the Wood. They journey to the Temple of The Wheel (an odd looking rock).

Midnight: The three are hounded by a swarm of moths and forced to enter an opening in the rock. Magnolia manages to find an alternative escape and is separated. Starlight is trapped in a mysterious sky of silence and stillness. Meanwhile the mare by the name Silver Tongue has gone missing and Magnolia must work with the Stallion Silver Tongue to fight to save Limbo and Starlight. At the same time, Octavia, who denied Limbo's offer and fled the temple, is reassured by Fuchsia.

Post Midnight: Magnolia risks life and limb to save Limbo from the blue space and drags Starlight along with her to safety. Magnolia, in her frustration with Starlight's rhetoric, makes physical contact. This prompts Silver Tongue to scold Magnolia for tampering with a pony exposed to a place she has no understanding of. When his lecture is rebuffed, he challenges Magnolia to a duel. Silver Tongue wins by ring-out and announces a banquet tomorrow to officially welcome them to TONE. Fuchsia and Octavia are already in their home by the time Silver offers to escort Magnolia and Starlight to their temporary homes. Fuchsia discovers that Octavia's residence is recent and funded by the Glovers. Magnolia and Starlight curl up with insightful books and go to sleep.

Fuchsia uses a dream catcher with spectacular results. Then, she notices that the house is unnaturally soundproofed and investigates Octavia as she sleeps through troubles. A horrendous tambourine is playing through a record player.

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I am the great and powerful Trixie!!!! after my alicorn amulet was taken I have been searching all across the lands in search of a way to regain the magic of an alicorn, this just might be the lead I've been looking for.:wau:

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  • The title was changed to Ambition for Ascension
  • 4 months later...

I am Starlight Glimmer, founder of the Sanctuary of Equality. While I believe being better than everypony else is wrong, becoming the Princess of Equality would spread my—I mean our message of true harmony and friendship across all Equestria!

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@Derpy Pon-3,

Right... Look, I have the character limit up for a reason (and I was hoping I wouldn't have to say that). It's supposed to encourage people to give some depth to their character interactions. Do you know how discouraging it is to put your heart into crafting a story only to see others giving a one sentence response? Sorry if I'm coming across as emotional, but I really have no other way to put it. Your just taking the wind out of peoples sails. I'm going to have to ask you to edit your post with a little more effort and try to remember what character you applied with. If you aren't capable or interested in giving those in-depth posts consistently then I'll have to ask you to find your Role Plays elsewhere.

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I'm intrigued by this plot! It's been a while since I've tossed my hat into the RP ring rather than just watching as a staffer, but I think I'd like to join this one :D

As for my character, I think my lovely Silver Tongue would be perfect for this!




She's an attractive unicorn mare with big ambitions, and doesn't hesitate to do whatever it takes to reach her goals. Her special talent is, of course, her silver tongue; she can charm most ponies with her words, and her skills of persuasion are unparalleled. What does she want, you might ask? Why, what any ambitious pony wants - power. So when she sees this mysterious invitation, there's no way she could pass up such an opportunity...

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There was nothing wrong with your post. In fact, I can't count all the things right about your post. This whole thing has been a tremendous success so far! I actually had a good idea for a response. Originally, I expected Starlight Glimmer to be the one you saw but I've come up with an idea of my own that I think works perfectly.:Daydreaming:

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  • The title was changed to [OOC] Ambition for Ascension
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