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Gaming Tokyo Mirage Sessions Switch is out Friday

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Tokyo Mirage Sessions is getting a rerelease Friday, get friggen hype. I’ve been itching for this since the Switch was announced. It’s a strange crossover between Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem, and it’s beautiful. You play as a blank slate to project yourself onto, while a cast of anime idols dazzle you with their tropey goodness. The game is flashy, and has so much style. It does away with the Persona time limits, and you get to faff around Tokyo as much as you like. Every single song with lyrics is a legit bop. Like for real, don’t expect to see me for a hot minute because I’m going to be busy playing this game.

Now that doesn’t mean the game is perfect by any means. If you’ve heard of it, it’s probably because of the controversy surrounding the game. The first thing is the original release window: the end of the WiiU. The end of a cycle on an ill supported console. Next, the censorship outside Japan, and while it gave way to some classic memes, looking at you, vagina bones, we in the west were shafted. I wanted Maiko to be a gravure model. Now the final issue was that in the first trailer, there were characters from both franchises showcased, and then two years of silence, followed by singing and dancing Japanese idols. That’s going to lose a lot of people.

All that said, when people actually sit down with the game, they generally tend to like it if they like JRPGs. It’s super engaging, there’s a lot of content, exploration is rewarded, and the dungeons all have to do with show business. They’re the same every time, but super charming. My biggest issues with the game are the main character being rather flat, a lot of fetch quests, my favorite character is added to the party last (may no longer be the case), and the censored version is now the world wide version. This isn’t an issue for me, but the character only speak Japanese, and are subbed.

One of the coolest details about the game is when a character casts a spell, their cast animation is actually their signature. It’s just the level of detail you can look forward to in this game, and I hope my silly monologue encourages someone to purchase, because it’s one of my three favorite games.


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When it came out on the Wii U, I was yet to have played any Atlus games, but I played Persona 5 a couple of years ago and loved it, so when they announced they were porting this game I thought I might be interested in giving it a try this time. The problem is that I didn't know it was focused on idols. The whole idol thing does nothing for me, and I bet the music is just really blah (IMO). So I'm afraid that took my interest back down.

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