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no critique Maradice Isle box art

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Hahaha, can you believe a couple of my friends got together and threw this box art for Maradice Isle together!?

I've been teasing at the idea of having a physical copy of the game for myself, but I didn't think anyone would put together something like this! This is seriously AWESOME!!

Also, good on them for sticking that anti-piracy warning on the back. They're right; This game is meant to be "FREE", and any attempt to sell it for profit can, and probably will, result in legal consequences.

Maradice Isle Box Cover V2.png

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This is awesome and a cool idea in general. :D

Having a physical copy of your own game is kinda like a trophy for all the hard work, I may do that myself. dfEG13d.png

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Considering this was created by your friends and not yourself, it does not qualify as your artwork. Therefore, this thread is being locked.

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