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So, is the Sonic Rainboom like gamma ray for superheroes?


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  • What do you exactly think the Sonic Rainboom is in the MLP universe? All kinds of headcanon are welcomed.

For me, it's the pinnacle of pegasus pony species. It has been done by other great flyers and it's been transmitted as a legend. It has magical powers because all pony races has magical powers (which Tirek can absorb). The effect is the same for both non-magical and magical sides, to inspire others and bring out their potential as the result. (which means even without the magic, it would still be inspirational to a certain degree) My head-canon is that Princesa Celestia can pull off the Sonic Rainboom, but instead of the color of rainbow, it would be pink, mint, blue like the color of her mane. And all pegasus ponies can do their own version of Sonic Rainboom, which includes Fluttershy and Scootaloo. (I think if Scootaloo did the Sonic Rainboom on a scooter and the CMCs got their cutie marks simultaneously like in The Cutie Mark Chronicles, it would have been even more awesome.) I also think it is a similar kind of magic to the rainbow blast from the Elements of Harmony. I don't think it's purpose is to enhance ponies like Compound V, I just think it's more accidental that all the Mane Six got their cutie marks by it. But I still think it has actual magical powers that causes diamond rocks to crack and Twilight to go berserk. So my answer for the title is no.

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