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movies/tv Favorite Spielberg cartoon?


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I grew up with Animaniacs and Tiny Toon Adventures. Animaniacs would get my vote because it was the perfect cartoon for kids as well as adults. Kids wouldn't be able to get the "finger Prince" joke but adults sure did. Not to mention, the songs were very creative and catchy. Kids used the US Presidents and State Capitals songs in school.

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Tiny Toon Adventures is my favorite by far. I like Animaniacs quite a bit but always feel that Tiny Toons gets underappreciated. Back in the day, Tiny Toons was the highest rated show on college campuses, and was just as much for adults (and kids) as Animaniacs. I like Pinky and the Brain too, and it had some pretty sharp writing for its prime time run. It definitely got wackier after it went solo from Animaniacs and I liked it a lot. 

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