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ooc Into Darkness: A RWBY rp (OOC)

Drago Ryder

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Welcome to the OOC thread for Into Darkness. I am still open to the idea of a second team of four.

Current Members:

@Drago Ryder


@Meson Bolt


If you have already joined, I am looking forward to seeing how this project might progress, though there are some obligatory ground rules that must be covered

-     In order to avoid confusion, please post in the order of the list above.

-     Feel free to send ideas for subplots to me, and please ask before executing them

-     If you wish to leave the rp, please inform everyone

-      Aside from Beacon professors and Salem, the appearance of canon characters will be kept to a minimum

The RP itself will be up shortly.


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Posting my character here for reference.


Name: Eris Leone

Age: 17

Gender: F

Personality: Outside of combat, Eris is an amicable and rather timid girl, curious to learn about the world and her fellow students. She is wary of strangers, but finds making friends relatively easy. Despite this she is socially inept, failing to pick up on cues or hints, and being anything but subtle in her interactions. She is easily startled, which is constantly a source of humor for her companions.

When in combat, she does her best to keep a cool head, but has quite the fiery temper. Stoking this fire causes her to unleash all of her strength and energy at once, which is usually a bad idea. However if one could survive her blinding and devoted assault, she tires quickly and will become exhausted. While self-taught in terms of ranged combat, her skill with a halberd shows signs of professional level training.

Appearance: Eris is an athletic young woman, standing 5'6" with a slender build, fair skin and a modest bust size. Her platinum-blonde hair is always pulled back into a ponytail and tied with a blue ribbon, and her eyes are deep blue. She has a single scar running across her right cheek and a smaller scar which cuts the right half of her lower lip. She wears eye black all the time, both in and out of combat, for whatever reason.

Her combat attire is based around the hotter temperatures of Vacuo's deserts, specifically, a wrapping of cloth strips that covers her chest, a pair of light brown breeches tied with a blue sash-belt, and cloth wrappings for her hands and feet. Outside of combat she will don an indigo bomber-style leather jacket, and during cold weather she adds black woolen fingerless gloves and brown fur-lined boots to her outfit.

Weapon: Aconitum is a relatively normal-looking metal halberd, about 6 feet long and weighing around 10 pounds. The axe head is covered in carved runes to infuse it with dust, which is loaded in a breech-style chamber in the center of the shaft. Like many halberds, the polearm features a spear tip on the weapon end and a spike on the side opposite the axe head, but also a heavy pommel on the end of the shaft for bludgeoning attacks. She can only load one dust cartridge at a time, and usually carries fire-based dust to use on her weapon.

Semblance: Ember Step allows Eris to disperse her physical form into a cloud of embers at will, as well as any clothing or weapons that she is wearing or wielding. She can only remain in this state for up to 10 seconds at a time before the embers reform into her normal self. She often uses this ability to surprise opponents or avoid attacks she can't otherwise dodge, as well as break free from vices or slip through windows and underneath doors.


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I’m a bit iffy on whether or not the maidens will be involved within the story being weaved, though magic may or may not be given to our characters as time passes. Either way, technology is basically diluted back to a early industrial revolution level, with Atlas still being an innovator on that front. I’m still working out a few kinks when it comes to the gods, though I can safely say that people do at least do worship them in the sense of a duality of good and evil. Other religions most certainly exist, albeit rare, and as for the kingdoms, those changes exist on a case by case basis.

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