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Hello It Is I... A random Stranger On The Internet


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out of curiosity

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

To whomever it may concern. (a.k.a whoever is reading this)      

Once upon a time there was a simple bored teenager back in the Mid 2016's this simple teenager has heard word of a weird fandom of people called Brony's, he was hysterical at the thought of a group of teenage/adult being into a show about colorful pony's meant for little girls, for he did not know that a year from now he to would join the heard. it was a boring uneventful Canadian snow day day on February in early 2017, this teenager on the verge of becoming an adult was out of binge material to watch until by chance he stumbled upon My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic, he thought "no way in hell am i watching a show about little pony's" but as fate would have it he sat there wondering why there was a group of adults watching and wondering himself why it was so attractive to these men who call them self's Brony's, so on that fateful snowy Canadian day he watched his first episode of MLP FIM, at first he was skeptical but the more episodes he watched the more he started thinking "hmm maybe i judged it to harshly... wait OH NO! what if my friends think I'm a Brony, i can't tell anyone about this" and so he went on a full year staying in the closest about being a Brony until sometime in 2018 he thought "you know what who cares if people make fun of me being a Brony is one of the things that makes me unique" and as time went on people did in fact make fun of him whether it was family or friend he became a laughing stock until once again a fateful day came in the form of one of his friends that came out about being a Brony and then a second one did and they all became laughing stocks of the town but they didn't care for they enjoyed a show meant for little girls. And that is the story of how i became a Brony.

p.s. looking forward to meeting so other Brony's.   

p.p.s. Also sorry if my horrid grammar gives you a stroke i was never good at writing.   

Hello it is I... a random stranger on the internet, i figure i should have a bio on who i am and what i do and enjoy... oh and how i became a Brony in the first place, soooo let us get on with the show.

so lets start with the basics, I am a 20 year old adult male Brony and Photography enthusiast currently working as a retail employee in a boring job.

i interest myself by doing Photography and playing a lot of video games (mainly Grand Strategy games) i also enjoy survival bush crafts and shooting guns at the ranges i also enjoy alot of older Disney movies and i love board games again especially the strategy ones like risk or axis and allies. and the basically all, anyways i know its a pretty vague description of me but i'm not very good a writing so forgive the bad grammar.           

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Hey Photo Shoot, welcome to the forum!

I'm Kadae! I really love Octavia and drinking tea, among other things.

I hope to see you around and that your stay here is a wonderful one! :squee:

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