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animation Best European cartoons.


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Usually, when people talk about animation, they either talk about American cartoons or anime. But what about Europe? Surely, Europe has put out some good cartoons as well.

What are the best European cartoons? Either shows or movies is fine.

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I'd figure Winx Club(Italian) or something from Marathon(Frecnh, made Totally Spies, Martin Mystery, Lolirock) would probably pop up in the minds to most foreigners. None of them really appealed to me though

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Fantastic Planet(La Planete Sauvage) is a cool, trippy french movie.

Image result for fantastic planet

The World of David the Gnome is a Spanish cartoon I saw a little of when I was a kid and I've been watching it lately.

Image result for david the gnome

Belle and Sebastian and The Mysterious Cities of Gold are two cartoons I remember fondly. They were created by Spanish and Japanese animators.

Image result for belle and sebastian          Image result for the mysterious cities of gold


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There are a lot of 80s/90s cartoons that came from the U.K. although there were also children's programs which weren't animated. Here is a small list.

Count Duckula
Paddington Bear
The Shoe People
Victor and Hugo: Bunglers in Crime
Avenger Penguins
Poddington Peas
The T-Bag series of programs
The Crystal Maze
Charlie Chalk
The Sooty Show
Finders Keepers
Fun House
Worzel Gummidge
The Wind in the Willows
Dogtanian and the Three Muskehounds - This one is more French oriented but did air in the U.K.
Around the World in 80 Days

And more...

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In terms of cartoons, I can't remember many European ones but there are a few like:

  • The Smurfs (American-Belgian), Thomas the Tank Engine (British-American), Les Aventures de Tintin (French-Canadian), Calimero (Italian-Japanese), Maya the Bee (French), Vicky the Viking (German-Austrian-Japanese), Code Lyoko (French), Winx Club (Italian-American)...

In terms of actual animated movies, I can remember many more like:

  • Chicken Run/Pretty much everything produced by Aardman Animations (British), The Little Prince from 2015 (French-Italian), Klaus (Spanish), Felidae (German), Song of the Sea from 2014 (Irish-Belgian-Danish-French-Luxembourger), The Secret of Kells (French-Belgian-Irish), Help! I'm a Fish (Danish-German-Irish), Balto (American-British), Loving Vincent (Polish-British), Plague Dogs (British-American), Watership Down (British)...
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