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If you could make your own spin-off MLP project, what would it be like?


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If you would have worked in Hasbro during 2010-2019 and could make a spin-off project (like Equestria Girls for example), what would it be like? (and since it's an alternative timeline, EQG's existence is optional.) The more specific and plausible, the better it is, but go crazy if you want.

  • a spin off series of Celestia's youth
  • an episodec Sci-Fi-esque pirate adventure series where Maud is a robot companion
  • Pinkie Pie's imaginary friends show
  • Flurry heart and baby Cakes' growing up show
  • Boulder vs Gummy
  • a slice of life comedy high school anime with human MLP characters (it's a fundamentally different genre)
  • MLP characters with realistic horses while the only dialogue is the narration like a National Geographic documentary
  • Rarity's brand line of kid's cloths
  • Unicorn farts in a can (20 USD)
  • MLP and EQG's full-on straight up crossover with no teasing: human meets ponies
  • Luna's dream realm tv show
  • a show about wherever dimension the mexican sock puppet snake was in
  • Discord and Fluttershy's adventure
  • Transformers transforms into ponies
  • Power Ponies
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  • Exploring the Student Six more and the impact they end up really doing in the world
  • Prehistory of Equestria and how it was founded before the Sisters
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A crossover with Doctor Who featuring Doctor Whooves voiced by David Tennant.

A show about the adventures of special agent Sweetie Drops.

Something about not too distant future with older CMCs, Diamond Tiara, Silver Spoon, Flurry Heart etc. as main characters, preferably involving a lot of travelling and exploring the world. 

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I did give some thought to a Griffonstone-focused spinoff running parallel to the later seasons - Gilda, Greta, Gruff and Gabby would have prominentt roles (with the latter's appearance on FIM being a crossover), while Gallus would be a minor character who grew to greater importance, culminating in his transfer to the parent show (possibly after Griffonstone's premature cancellation).

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A crossover mini-series with G1, 2, 3 and even 3.5 to battle the love craftian abomination that was Newborn cuties. 

Y'know how Power Rangers does those multi-generational reunion episodes. It'll be kinda like that. 


Oh and a card game anime based on the CCG. 

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I definitely think it's a loss of potential not to resume the series in a season 10 located in the future and Luster as the protagonist with her new friends, you have Twilight and ReMane 5 as recurring characters, and Starlight, Trixie and Sunburts as secondary characters being mentors for Luster in Ponyville and at the same time they host her in the castle, the CMC could also be important here.

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At least a three part series about warring periods prior to the show as we know it, each being at least a season long.

1. The first would cover the aftermath of Luna's banishment. The instability created by losing such an important figurehead, and chaos brought on by any dissatisfied followers of hers. Can I get the wrap up of a civil war?

2. A truly ancient/medieval atmosphere. Late Rome and early renaissance maybe? Equestria will be at odds with the Griffon Empire, determining which is ultimately superior and laying the grounds for global domination.

3. World War, Equestria unleashes it's full might against rising powers that would continue to make the world an insufferable place. In the great conflict, enemies from all around are ground into dust, and the pony victors take a step back at the horror. A new era dawns, through peace and isolation, paving the way for the much simpler world we've come to know and love.

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