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food Does your microwave spin?



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  1. 1. Which way?

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    • Counter clockwise

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I've only ever heard of microwaves that spin and do so clockwise for home use. My previous place of work had ones that didn't spin at all, but they were meant for a professional cooking environment.

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I am of the impression that my microwave sometimes spins clockwise, sometimes counterclockwise. I guess the motor randomly starts in one direction when turned on. It's a bit cheaper to build a motor like this than one that always starts in a specific direction.

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As someone who has paid attention to what way mine spins sometimes it is clockwise sometimes anti clockwise. It might sound silly but every time I use it I make a guess which way it will spin.

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I've only ever known microwaves to go clockwise, myself. Interesting that some go counter-clockwise!

7 hours ago, Sunlight Glisten said:

I avoid microwaves. Toaster oven or bust. 

I use both. Sometimes the microwave is more efficient, and I don't have a functional main oven

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Why yes, they do. B)




But in all honestly, the plate in my microwave spins in both directions! It's completely random. It'll spin in one direction one time, and the next time, it will spin in the opposite direction. :wacko:

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8 hours ago, Cyclone1066 said:

Spins both. Each time it swaps direction. I would assume to avoid wear patterns in the motor bearings.:mustache:

Synchronous motor? The direction depends on where the magnets are compared to the alternate current wave. But if it swaps every time, it might be another thing.


My microwave spins clockwise.

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6 minutes ago, Booker said:

I'm fairly sure mine spins clockwise. I've never seen one that doesn't spin :wacko:

Some of the larger ones spin the emitter, rather than having a turntable for the food.

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