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gaming Any Luigi's Mansion fans?

Will Guide

Hotel Pre or Post Spooky Makeover?  

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  1. 1. Which version of the Last Resort Hotel would you like to stay in?

    • Golden, Inviting Pre-Spooky
    • Dark, Foreboding, Post-Spooky

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Well, since it's been over 3 months since Luigi's Mansion 3 was released in America, I want to ask if there are any Luigi's Mansion fans of any games?

Feel free to talk about anything Luigi's Mansion related.

Also, to those who seen the Intro to Luigi's Mansion 3, would you like to spend a day in the Last Resort hotel, pre or post Spooky Makeover?


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Across the road at my Grandparents house there was a manual for Luigi's Mansion that I would constantly re read. Just the manual though the game itself, or indeed a gamecube on which to play it, was nowhere to be found. . I would always wonder about how incredible Luigi's mansion must be to have such a cool manual. I eventually lost the manual and I never played the original though I did like Dark Moon. When I got the third one out of the library my joycon started drifting so it was almost impossible to play, but I do hope to try it again some day now that the joycon has been fixed.

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I've only played the second one on the 3DS. Haven't finished it yet, but I really loved the atmosphere and the charm of it. I do remember spending a lot of time on the online multiplayer, which was actually pretty fun.

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On 2/22/2020 at 8:37 AM, Anti-Villain said:

#1 has the bling, but #2 has the neon...


Hmm. Then I guess I made a great poll where someone couldn't make up their mind so easily

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