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Firewake – An Original Sci-Fi Unicorn Comic

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(Note: This post is not meant to advertise, but rather to raise awareness of and invite discussion about a new comic. I have been in touch with moderators about it.)

I've created and written a new comic series, Firewake, that takes significant influences from My Little Pony (and other Equine franchises) while spinning Unicorns into a setting and story they've rarely been put in before.

Firewake, a veteran detective in the big city of Addax, already has a wife and young twin colts to deal with. After being further saddled with a cocky rookie partner, Zaffa, he must also now investigate and pursue Sable Nox, a mysterious psychopathic criminal mastermind out to take over the planet.

But this is a planet of advanced, magic-fueled technology, complicating things. The city streets are filled with hovercars and hovertrucks, spaceships are mining and exploring the solar system, and hexvids entertain the masses.

The legacies of ancient civilizations and recent wars echo to this day. What secrets did the unorthodox Agelonians seal away, and what is Sable Nox planning?


Concept art by Cristian Santos.

This comic series is safe for teen readers (so far, this means 11+).

You can find out much more at the comic's own website, which has more art examples, information on the characters and world, and specifics of the current story.

I don't just want to raise Firewake's profile, but also invite feedback and discussion on it, before we start production on the second issue. Is there anything you're particularly interested in? Or some aspect of the story or world you're looking forward to reading?

The first full comic is out now from Rabbit Valley, so I can't share everything, but I can certainly try to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Production of Issue 2 has officially begun!

More details will be unveiled closer to release, but this issue will delve deeper into main characters and the world of Zazemma itself.

You will be able to hear a review of the first issue on an upcoming episode of the Pony411 podcast, as well.

But if you can't wait for that, I'd be happy to answer any questions you have now.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi everyone!

I'm still available to answer questions if you want to learn more about the comic.

Pony411's podcast episode is now out if you want to listen to them talk about it, as well as regular MLP comics and other things related to the fandom.
(Firewake discussion is from 11:20 to 20:41.)


Plus, Rabbit Valley is offering a discount right now if you want to try the first issue out!


The second issue is now in production, and like I mentioned before, it will introduce mysterious new allies. You'll find one bears some big
influences from a particular FiM character, but with some important differences.

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  • 2 months later...

Well, production of Issue 2 is nearing completion. It has been coming along swimmingly, despite what's going on with the world right now, and will display refinements over the first issue while also introducing new, important characters.

In other news, famed pony artist Pony-Berserker has created a funny piece based on the first issue of Firewake, exploring a side of Sable Nox not yet seen.

You can check it out here:


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  • 2 months later...

The first half of this year has made things more difficult than expected, but Rabbit Valley and I have forged ahead and produced a second issue of Firewake!

This issue deepens the world and story as Zaffa confronts mobsters at Boroli's, and Firewake meets a mysterious new ally, Fancyber.

It will go up for sale very soon - in early September.

Preview pictures will be up before then, but for now there's a new story tidbit in the Extras section of the comic's website.


This article, from the Ironwatch Times, covers the Gazellian war hero Dafael.

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  • 1 month later...

The second issue of Firewake, Questions, is now available to preorder!

This issue refines the visual style, and deepens the plot and world. It also features a mini-comic from notable My Little Pony artist Pony-Berserker.

In Questions, Zaffa gets closer to Firewake's niece Daselle as he confronts the mobsters making a nuisance of themselves at Boroli's, while Firewake goes to meet the powerful and reclusive biomancer mare Fancyber.


If you have any questions about the comic, please feel free to ask them here.

Firewake 2-cover.jpg

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Ooooo, this sounds interesting!!!  I love learning of an interesting anthro comic!!!  I'll have to get it when I can, along with looking a bit more closely at the other titles on the site.

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