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How many times have you moved?


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That I can remember? 18. I've had the unique circumstances of having divorces play a factor, but while I was still an infant, we had moved 16 times, so the total is probably 34.



The earliest home I can remember was one where my mom and dad were still together, so I would've been about 2 years old. I remember him coming home from work and us wrestling each other on the living room floor.

As I type I'm remembering other details and homes. The next one might have been from before or after that. It had a back deck overlooking a gulch or something, just masses of blackberry bushes fading into endless greenery and the shadows of trees. My dad had an office with a corkboard. I would stare at the ends of push pins, wondering where the point actually stopped, how small does it get? I also remember sucking on a lemon, not cut or peeled, just a whole lemon. Also discovered that water kind of goes stale overnight in that house, and I didn't like to get dressed, so my dad would play "Get Up Stand Up" by Bob Marley to get me in the groove I guess. Ironic that it didn't make me more stubborn given the song's message, but it worked to get my pants on. :ButtercupLaugh:

Another set that could be before or after these previous two I only have one memory of, and that was following my dad as he mowed the lawn with my own toy lawn mower at one house and drawing with a yellow-green crayon in an apartment.

After that was what I referred to as the basement house because my mom had remarried and my first stepfather and us were renting out the basement of a man who I believe was divorced and had two daughters in their early teens who would babysit me occasionally. It wasn't bad. the gravel driveway led down behind the house, there was a door and a big glass window looking out back to this wooded area wher eI could hear strange noises from sometimes. There was a full bathroom, kitchen, and the main area had a wall separating what acted as their bedroom, and the rest was where we had my bed in a corner, our living room set up, and my first stepdad's office in another corner. Turns out my girlfriend lived just down the road, so we may have met while I was trick or treating for the first time. Didn't know each other existed till 15 years later, and those strange noises from the woods were a pony and maybe some other animals that a friend of hers owned.

My dad had also remarried and I remember us being in what felt like a big house. I'm very confused on the layout since my memory seems to bring it up like a split level, but there was a seperate staircase that went down to the garage and basement. At night my bedroom was the green room, because we used a green lightbulb for my night light. I remember eating cherries from a big tree in the back yard. Loved them at the time, not anymore. Also had my very first Doritos on a Fourth of July and enjoyed the fireworks as well. Had trouble roasting marshmallows because they'd always catch fire on my stick and melt off.

After that, we lived in a house at the bottom of this hill. From here the memories grow exponentially, but here are four that stick out the most. I scraped my whole left forearm when riding down the hill and veering off into a grassy patch. I was off training wheels at that point. I was maybe 5 at the time and had to relearn how to ride a bike since I refused to touch the damn thigns after that. I was fine again at 8. I also got really sick once and went running for the bathroom but just ended up puking several times along the way. I would fall asleep to a VHS of a Bug's Life usually, and wake up to either a blue screen or some golf tournament on the TV that it automatically switched to at some point for whatever reason. Finally, me and my step mom found two corn snakes in a drainage pipe at the end of a gutter, just their tails sticking out. Not normal since they're not remotely native here.

Then we moved into a trailer home on a big mostly cleared lot. Deer would occasionally be out back, I lost my yellow rainboots in some really deep mud, a squirrel ran through my room, and I would catch my first school bus right outside the place. My dad lost custody of me while we were living there. He still lived there when I was allowed to start seeing him again, but they had sold the trailer and had their own place built on the lot. He was running a landscape business at the time and had a good sized mound from dumping all the lawn trimmings and such. 

Back with my mom and first stepfather, we moved into a condo. Kind of strange having to go upstairs to get into our home, and then I had to go upstairs again to get to my room. I could see this orange streetlight every evening that made it look like it was raining even when it wasn't, because it always looked as though something was falling from it, and I could see that same appearance on other street lights when it was raining! Also saw my first mole there one evening when it came up and was very confused that it couldn't dig back down when crawling along the pavement.

From here I moved to my longest home of 12 years, but my mom and first stepfather would eventually get divorced, and other than his homes, I sort of moved 3 times but came back to this place. Two of those times were where my mom thought we couldn't live there anymore, so moved in with my grandmother and even switched schools. This was supposed to go on for the rest of the school year I believe, or even a whole year, but lasted only a month. Towards the end of this, we moved into my mom's new boyfriend's place for about a week which was terrifying as the neighborhood kids were just awful and this was the furthest away from anywhere I was familiar with. That didn't go well and I couldn't be happier about it! We moved back to our old place and stayed there for another 6 years. My dad separated from his second wife during this time, and I stayed with him part time in the same apartment complex as the one we lived in where I remember drawing with that yellow green crayon so long before! He would get back together with his wife for about a year as they already ahd two kids together and one was on the way, but it didn't work out. I often miss that home I spent so long in. So much happened there, the place I came of age in, and it's where we buried the first cat that was truly mine.

My mom kept the house we were renting after her second divorce, so there was of course my first stepfather moving into the basement of the incomplete house mind you, that his sister was having built on their mother's property, near hers, but this halted when she divorced her own husband and she moved in with their mother. Quite a few years later, she remarried and construction on the house began again. I wouldn't be surprised if it were now finished. There were also the 3 places he lived in following that I lived in part time until I decided to stop seeing him.

My mom married for a third time, and with my second stepfather has been happily together now for over 10 years. We lived in our last home for 6 years, and this month I moved out and into my girlfriend's apartment. My parents may be moving this summer, as will we once she's graduated from college.



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I’ve moved eight times; from Pittsburgh, PA to Blacksburg, VA, to Westboro, MA, to Waltham, MA, to Salem, OR, to Las Vegas, NV, to somewhere in the Midwest which shall remain eternally nameless, and finally to Anaheim, CA.  

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I lived in the same place until I was almost 19, then I moved out of state. Since I'm a college student I have to move a lot and have moved another 3 times since; I'll be moving again for this summer in a few months and then temporarily to France next fall.

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Funny considering I’m moving tomorrow, AGAIN :Cozy:. Prior to the upcoming moving, for the past 3 years I’ve moved 4 times. Prior than that, I remember moving 4 times. Funny, By tomorrow I’ve moved more times in only three years than most of my life :dash:

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I think maybe about 16 or 17 times?  Hard to keep track these days.  I always moved from place to place and after most school years, we'd move again.  Had to graduate late because I moved so many times and the requirements for graduation always changed too and some grades I got weren't up to their standard, etc...  Just getting used to living in the same place for 5 years now, it's nice but I kinda want to move again even though I can't afford it.  Too used to the nomadic lifestyle.

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I haven't moved. But I have moved my computer to different LAN parties over the years, and I got very tired of it. So much cables and monitors and dust! And I even had a nightmare of forgetting my computer somewhere.

Having to move something expensive and heavy, to a temporary (over the weekend) party full of strangers, is a little bit worrying.

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