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Looking for Hotel roommates April 9th-13th

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Hello everyone,

I reserved my hotel room at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport and will be coming to Babscon this April.  I have the room with a Queen bed reserved from the 9th through the 13th.  I will be flying from the Midwest to the San Fancisco Airport and will be at the hotel with provided shuttle.  If anyone is interested in bunking with me, which is a limit of three people.  I do have some ground rules that I need to explain before any you all contact me.

1. Everyone has to be 18(+) when bunking with me.

2. All four of us will split the bill four ways.

3. Be kind to one another, no drama, and no stealing from one another.

4. If there is four of us, myself and another will have hotel card keys to our room.  So we'll form groups of two if it comes we need to do something different in the convention.

5. I will personally interview you if the queue becomes too big.  This is so I can get to know each and everyone of you.

More rules will be discussed further if anyone is interested. If anyone meets these requirements, please feel free to DM me on Discord. My Discord username is TankFrankDrill9#8273.  I will close this blog a week before the convention or if the three people have filled the queue.

Thank you for reading and hope to talk to you soon.

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