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Just as a suggestion without intending to demand it (I personally won't be affected least not yet?), users being able to enter their preferred pronoun on their profile.

While I likely wouldn't advocate it in most communities, reasoning for while MLPF is an exception to this is that we got quite some ponies here that don't identify with their born sex (or not all the time), and as it has been proven, the community being very accepting as well.

Some benefits I see in doing so (in my mind that list sounded longer, I swear. :yeahno: ):

- Being able to refer to ponies as their preferred pronoun (and not having to ask about it)

- People well, being able to see how a person would like to be referred as (OK, same point as above?)

- Avoiding confusion, especially on non-binary pronouns.

- Easy to implement.


Some profile fields I can imagine easily:

- empty/Not telling

- male

- female

- Don't mind

- They/Them

- X

- Other

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To an extent it could be said that this is covered by the "Gender" field, but that really isn't the case because of some peoples' misconceptions that people can't identify as a gender that isn't precisely masculine/feminine. I honestly think this could be used as a replacement to that for more clarity and maybe better understanding of the issue.

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Unless gender is specified even more, it also comes with some other limitations; queer/abinary and fluid especially, and with exceptions of transsexuals that do want to use the opposite gender pronoun of their born sex for whatever reason, for these there is no clear pronoun to use if not specified.

Oh yeah, and the likely not ever becoming a case of someone intersex being on the forums.

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I thought I added this over a year ago. Welp. This is something I can easily remedy. I’ll add a preferred pronoun field and set it to optional. 

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