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My dad says "My Little Pony is just for babies" why he's so WRONG.


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This is my first post, and it's a rant so please excuse my inconvenient misdemeanor. I honestly resent that my dad goes against all of my interests, even if they aren't childish or inappropriate. I've never had a good relationship with him, not that I care anyway. I don't want to discuss further about him because he's done alot of morbid things to me that I'll never forget, but forgive him for even though he totally doesn't deserve his redemption to be accepted.

 He'd always proselytize me in every way shape and form, to the point where I can't live life even as a decent human being. I mean of course his reaction would be bad, like I care. My mom has been a firm supporter of me, and appreciates MLP: FIM, and says it's a cute show with nice messages. Personally, MLP:FIM has been a cure for my depression. Others may argue, MLP is nothing special just like any other cartoon, but it appeals to me for various reasons that are my OPINION. if you hate the show go ahead, but I'm going to keep liking what I want, it's not hurting you, get a grip. My dad is calm, but sometimes mentally abusive. This show has revived my depression because it just appealed to me. Honestly, I told him got a problem with that? Deal with it. Despite that, he still mocks me to this day. If I watch it, he'll laugh, it's like he wants me to stop watching it. 

You could like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and no one would judge. Because I liked My Little Pony, I was judged. I'm a stereotypical 17 year old girl, that may appear cringey to you, but I think I'm pretty amazing since I'm sweet, kind, caring, and won't force you into hating or liking something. So don't be afraid to speak up for what you love, it doesn't matter just do your thing. Last week, very recently a friend found out I liked My Little Pony, because she saw my Facebook cover, she made fun of me relentlessly, and told me I was weird and started cursing at me. Like come on, some friend she is. I don't care about the fact that I don't have any friends except for true friend I have at school. All I care about was making it through another day without being humiliated. The girls and boys in my school would say I'm pretty, but then they turned their backs on me when they found out that I was a brony or pegasister. In simpler words, they found out I liked my little pony. So I went to the library, sat with my best friend, told her how everyone else is making fun of me, and she told to let them be, it's their problem not mine, and I should brony on. XD


I LEARNED the most important thing is to NEVER BE ashamed of what you LOVE, no matter how "crappy" it appears to others. 



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Sharing a rant would be best done through a status update or perhaps even a blog entry rather than its own topic. In order to enable status updates, however, you must reach five posts, ultimately reaching the muffin rank.

Therefore, this topic will be locked. 

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