COVID-19 Announcement and Measures

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Effective immediately MLPF has taken the following steps to prevent the spread of Novel Corona Virus. 

  • Fan Clubs will be cancelled until further notice
  • North American users are prohibited from contact with EU and Asian users
  • We have increased the supplies of toilet paper in the bathrooms, but we are running low so we are opening a donation pool to allow for the purchase of new supplies on eBay. The current cost of TP is expected to surpass gold so we are setting the pool to $4,000,572.89
  • You are expected to wash your hooves before quoting and mentioning any other user. Failure to do so will result in you receiving a million points and being banned from the internet
  • MLPF will be completely online after Spring Break. We haven’t worked out the details
  • Brohooves are now considered an act of attempted infection and will be dealt with accordingly
  • All staff members are being taught a bubble protection spell. Sorry Earth Pony and Pegasus staffers. You were born the wrong species



All kidding aside, please be safe out there and take precautions. Remember to post pony! 

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Us staffers are still getting our workers comp, right? 

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