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Hello and welcome to the Ask POnYDOS Thread. We hope your time in the "Ask a Pony" section has been a pleasant one and we are now ready to start the questions proper. Keep in mind however that even though asking questions is the primary goal of this thread serious injury's may occur. For your safety and the safety of other please refrain from -zzt graagdsfhdsf zzt- I'm back the questions will start in 3...2...1...

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I'm still not sure yet

what do you think of Wheatly and Luna becoming a couple?


They're a couple?
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No, i mean what would you think if they became a couple?


Oh well I'd take whoever thought of it and freeze them in ice for 1000 years, then I'd put them in the room were all the robots scream at you for 50, then I'd kill them. Edited by POnYDOS
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