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B-sides in the main show?


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Okay, so everyone here agrees the "Friendship is Magic" is a fantastic TV-series/show. But not everything in the show can be considered A-material. Some sacrifices were made, and I wonder if you've noticed them?

One of the lesser quality things compared to earlier Generation MLP shows are the backgrounds. Take the My Little Pony Tales TV-show from 1992, and look at the backgrounds, being fully painted and realistic looking:


And of course Generation 1's backgrounds:


Real paintings. Real effort. Now, I know the same effort was put into the MLP The Movie, but have a look at the main show:


So I know, some of you might argue that this is the same quality...? I don't think so. Also, many of the backgrounds have a style to them, like the clouds, that fits the style of the show. But if you compare the quality of the backgrounds to the quality of the Pony designs, I am sure there is a huge difference. All the quality was put into the Ponies!


What more is lower quality in Friendship is Magic? I know at least one thing more, but I won't bring it up yet.

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Sure it used to be better quality, almost too good when compared to the ponies running through them, but if they had access to today's technology at an affordable rate back then, they'd've been doing the exact same thing the modern one had.

I'd say the quality wasn't even really placed into the modern ponies so much, at least not in earlier seasons with all of the clones, but you really only need to put a lot of work into the characters and aspects that the audience is supposed to be focused on. Instead I'd say it went more into movement and expressions so everything could be swift but smooth.

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I think pre-2000s western animation was almost always better with stuff like background scenery. And I really like the animation from G1... I prefer it to the computerized Flash animation that DHX used. The more I watch the movie and the Rainbow Roadtrip special, the more I fall in love with that style of animation and hope that future iterations of the franchise will use it or something similar. 

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On 2021-07-16 at 4:43 AM, ZiggWheelsManning said:

Isn't the word "b-side" supposed to relate to just songs?  

From cassette tapes, having an A-side and a B-side. Keeping the good songs on the A-side, and the less heard ones on the B-side, didn't really work though because it was faster to listen to the whole B-side to rewind the A-side.

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