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Void's Closest Acquaintance, Nebula!

Dethl Void

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Here she is ladies and gentlecolts! ^^

The one that motivates and keeps Void from being lonely. The one that Void met first. When no other beings ever wanted to talk to her. 

Behold! Nightmare! Nebula! ^_^


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@Super Splashee

Not all of them. A few of them are earth ponies and some are unicorns. Few others being changelings. Reason for my alicorn favoritism? Is that I like how majestic they look and I don't tend to make them over powered or be much like a mary-sue. :huh:


I keep it simple as it is with their backstories and their ability. Also, I never ever relate none of them too any canon characters. That is a big no no. :)

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