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Online MLP Convention List 2020

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Last week, the second ever PonyFest Online convention was held. By the sounds of things, everyone here who went had a good time.

Well that has opened the floodgates and we now have a list for similar online pony events running all the way through June. 



May 1st, 2020


May 8th, 2020




May 16-17th




May 23rd


May 24, 2020


May 30th, 2020




Second Life Ponycon
June 1st




June 19-20th


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With the exception of SeaponyCon and the Second Life one, I plan on attending all of them! :squee: I’m excited for Midair Pony Fair tomorrow! :ticking:

I was at PonyFest 2.0 and it was awesome <3

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Pony conventions are still a thing nice. I always wanted to go to bronycon meet all my equine friends yet eh I didn't maybe next year I will go to one I had planned on going to one in Canada this year and animecon since Canada is not that far flight wise. Might go on to one of those, I often watched bronycons and other conventions livestream you know.

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We already had UK PonycOnline last month since the regular annual PonyCon had to be cancelled this year.  It obviously didn't quite match up to the actual event but it was good that they were able to put something together at fairly short notice.

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