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BABSCOnline - May 8th - 9th

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Anypony else looking forward to virtual conventions this year? (It's kinda all we've got these days)

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Yes. :)  It's not quite the same as being somewhere (in many ways) and I wish Discord wasn't everyone's favorite thing (blech), but it is something! 

I was pretty sad to see HAHCon (https://www.hahcon.com/) go away, for all that it was apparently masterminded by one person I thought it was reasonably well done. They had been going for four years (though I wasn't aware until 2018) and had a proper website, a nice schedule page with links, and for a small donation would send you art files to print yourself a badge. PonyFest Online (ponyfest.horse) which afaik became a thing post-coronavirus seems to be headed the same way. I kinda wish there was a bit more in the web presence department, though. I know that forums take quite a bit of effort though and are better for longer term stuff.

I'd be pretty happy if it became a little bit more of a thing in general. Personally I've been fortunate to make it to a couple Pony conventions including BronyCon twice (2013, 2019) and  PonyCon (NYC) a handful of times, largely because my parents were willing to help me get there and in the case of BronyCon 2019 because I spent a fair chunk of money to do so between a ticket, a hotel room, and a train ride. But I also happen to live in upstate NY, so it's only ~5 hours to Baltimore and around half that to NYC. Presumably a lot of people can't go or at least weren't able to go to the really big events (like BronyCon, EFNW, and BABSCon?). I recall an online forum topic? chat? where somebody once said it was like 8+ hours of travel for them to anywhere with a con and most of them involved crossing over from Canada to the US..


Good time for people to hang out on LoE or something too, probably, if just being in a Discord chat room is too boring...

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