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A Prologue "Scroll" I created for a conceptual crossover between MLP and the Studio Ghibli films, "Castle in the Sky".


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Here's my lore for it:


Laputa in this crossover was founded by a group of ponies who had broken away from the three tribes during their search for a new land after their expulsion from their original land. Where the main tribes settled in to what would be known as Equestria following the unification of the three tribes, The breakaway group landed in a completely different part of the world and encountered an exceedingly rare magical element, Aetherium (Volucite in the original Japanese version). They would base their magic around the properties of this crystalline element Developing independently and completely separate from Equestria's magic as well as making some breakthrough and inventions such as metallic Alicorn-like golems. It was magic of a Higher form and degree than Equestria. Utilizing the antigravity nature of Aetherium, these ponies would go on to the build a floating city. And thus, the Kingdom of Laputa was formed.

For several years, the Kingdom enjoyed an Era of Peace, but that came to an end when a tyrannical king usurped the throne. He militarized the golems and developed a superweapon capable of wiping out an completely destroying a large area of land, known as the Thunder of Laputa. Essentially converting the flying island into a formidable floating Fortress. a Giant floating weapons platform and among one of the most overpowered relics of Equestrian History. Not even Dragons could break it's defenses. The Laputians who once intended to use and share their magic for the betterment of Ponykind, now used their magic to bring about great harm and suffering to those on the ground. Making them among major powers that once dominated the planet. Weaponizing the very crystal that game them their civilization.

Eventually, Laputa began to threaten and terrorize the fledgling Equestria and on several Occasions destroyed and layed waste to several Equestrian settlements and cities with their armies of flying golems and the main superweapon. All in an attempt to subjugate Equestria as the Laputian ponies have grown extremely vain and egotistical, Seeing themselves as gods, and everypony on the ground, their subordinates. They often demanded Tribute from those on the ground and most of the time, they failed and got blasted into oblivion by the Thunder of Laputa or torn to shreds by legions of the city's Flying golems. The First Victim was a rather large and prosperous Earth Pony Town the second was a Well known Unicorn City and the last one was a thriving Pegasi City.

As Laputa's Magic had evolved separately and independently from Equestria. Laputian magic was so different, alien and Incompatible to Equestrian magic, any direct attempts to destroy or invade Laputa were largely futile and unsuccessful. Pegasi forces being unable to get close enough to Laputa without being sliced to pieces by their flying Golems or being zapped by the city's shield barrier like mosquitoes to an electric lamp. Eventually, Wizards from the Unicorns and Pegasi banded together to stop the Laputian Threat. Led by Starswirl the Bearded, They conjured a great and powerful neverending storm around Laputa. Imprisoning the island and leaving the Laputian ponies in a bind until they perished from starvation, Infighting and the hostile nature of the storm. Some tried to escape by flying directly through the storm, but failed as dragons made of lightning would attack and kill them. Only a few managed to escape. and are believed to have taken with them an Aetherium Necklace. Their only link to their lost city.

With Laputa fully abandoned. The City is reclaimed by nature and over time becomes an overgrown ruin. The Great Tree, once cared for by the Laputian Earth ponies, grew to a tremendous size. spreading it's canopy over the garden walls. Over the course of a thousand years, Laputa's structure began to deteriorate. Both from exposure to the elements and the Tree's roots pushing deeper into the entire structure. The lower level of the city had crumbled away, exposing the black dome within and resulting in one side of the castle completely eroding. Exposing what would otherwise be underground chambers and corridors. The only occupants left in the city are the Metal Golems. They either lay dormant, waiting to be reawakened or spend their entire existence, caring for the garden.

In the aftermath of Laputa's imprisonment, Princess Celestia and Luna ordered that any record or trace of Laputa's existence be destroyed and erased. The memory of Laputa fading into legend, and finally into myth (or a story to scare naughty fillies and foals) and for a good reason. To ensure that Nopony would ever venture up there and get their hooves on the Castle's weaponry and use them for malicious intent. For it will bring great harm and unhappiness to the Ponies of Equestria and the entire planet. Even in the present day, The City's magic still supersedes modern Equestrian Magic, but it's Great Magic is Equal, compared with the Power of Friendship and Harmony.

The neverending storm that Imprisons the floating city became known in later years as the "Dragon's Nest" due to the presences of lightning dragons within the stormcloud. Sometimes could even be seen arcing around the outside of the stormcloud. Unaware that said dragons are actually guarding the Imprisoned Laputa within. However the Dragon's nest that surrounds Laputa had begun to weaken in recent times, leading to ponies (or fearless or dared pegasi) catching rare glimpses of the Castle concealed and entombed within. Their sightings are often dismissed as optical illusions, the tops of mountains inside of a thunderstorm or unusual cloud formations and shapes. One even claimed to have landed onto the lost city and kept a journal of his exploration of the abandoned floating ruin. He was called a liar and was ridiculed for making all of what he has seen up.

Legend Has it that the supposed Aetherium Necklace only works on those with the blood of the former Laputian Royalty and once it's returned to the long lost city, it will free the city from it's stormy prison and will awaken from it's dormant state and comeback to life.


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