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If they were at Hogwarts...


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I found some old threads discussing how our favorite ponies (or their humanised selves) would fit in at Hogwarts, what Houses they would be in and so on. Figured it might be time for a fresh look at the topic - and for me to post these profiles I whipped up last year, even if I still haven't quite figured out Raritu's backstoru...


Name: Twilight Sparkle (Esther Lichtenberg)

Blood Status: Pureblood

Background: Considered a possible Squib for a while due to her slow-to-develop magic, Twilight was sent to a Muggle primary school "just in case". By the time her magic made it's spectacular entrance (requiring the Obliviation of an entire science fair and attracting attention from a certain very important witch), Twilight was already in love with school and refused to be pulled out before Hogwarts. She spent the next few years taking Muggle classes in the day (skipping ahead to secondary school material by the end) and studying her parents world at night, and she fully intends to reverse the process at Hogwarts and be the first to graduate with a full slate of both NEWTS and A-Levels.

Attitude to Muggle World: She greatly admires Muggle science, technology and scholarship, but sometimes when looking at the actual Muggles around her she wonders how they did it. Of course, that was before she found out that most wizards were much the same.

Attitude to Wizarding World: Stunningly ignorant of the world around it - steps must be taken.

Wand: Ash and unicorn hair.

Pet: Owlowiscious the owl.

House: Ravenclaw - as if there was any question!

Favourite Class: All classes are learning, which is great - but the fact that she doesn't complain about Astronomy being scheduled as if to deliberately disrupt students sleep could reflect a certain especial fondness.

Least Favourite Class: History of Magic - it takes a special kind of teacher to bore her, and what's worse is that it being a pure theory course, she already knows all the material!

Possible Friends: Assuming canon years, she could be an academic rival of Hermione's. Other kinds of human relationship were not part of the plan, but could somehow develop anyway between her and certain other students (see below). And then there's Spike...

Life Goal: She was quite set on rising in the Ministry of Magic until she established her own office in charge of integrating Muggle science and magic... she didn't expect to be tempted by the post of Hogwarts librarian.



Name: Applejack (Abigail Jaqueline Appel)

Blood Status: Pureblood

Background:The Appels are a household name in the Wizarding World, one of the best and sometimes only sources for several rare magical plants, including of course several cultivars of enchanted apple. Though most common in Southwestern America, a small branch of the family has been cultivating the world's only supply of Zap Apples just outside of Hogsmeade for over a century.

Like all the children of the town, Applejack grew up in the shadow of Hogwarts and closely observed the students visiting on weekends, knowing that she would one day be among their number. And like many children of old wizarding families, she even knew her House in advance - in all the time they had been enrolling at the school, not a single Appel had gone to anything but Hufflepuff. Her brother had been the same, and surely she and her sister would be as well.

Which goes to show, as her grandmother would say, that you shouldn't count your zap apples before they're picked.

Attitude to Muggle World: As a Hogsmeade native, Applejack has had little to do with Muggles - the closest she ever had to personal exposure to any was during the months she spent in Manhattan following her parent's death, and even that mostly took the form of watching the teeming crowds from her window. She does have a strong theoretical appreciation for them, because her strict adherence to the underage magic laws most purebloods bend or break has cultivated her a strong sense of the value of non-magical hard work - and that's how Muggles do everything, isn't it?

Attitude to Wizarding World: It's the world she grew up in, and she generally respects it's traditions unless given a very good reason not to.

Wand: Apple and dragon heartstring - not because it's actually the best fit, but just because no respectable Appel would have anything else.

Pet: Wynona the family Krup (not at Hogwarts).

House: Gryffindor - a great surprise to everyone, including herself, but when you make a rule of not lying to yourself it's very hard to argue against the Hat.

Favourite Class: Herbology - not just because her grandmother would hex her if she said anything else, but also because it's true.

Least Favourite Class: Astronomy - whose damn-fool idea was it to wake up everyone in the middle of the night to go look at stars, for Merlin's sake?! And it's not even an elective!

Possible Friends: Assuming she's one of the two missing Gryffindor girls, she certainly isn't going to get on with Lavender or Parvati well at all. She and Hermione might come together by default, unless her ignorance of Muggles gets in the way. And then there's the other one...

Life Goal: Growing magical plants, of course - with perhaps a stint as Hogwarts Herbology professor if anyone asks. What more could an Appel want?



Name: Pinkie Pie (Pinkamena Diane Pie)

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Background: It is sadly not unknown for magical children to born into strict religious households, though less common in Britain as the Church of England slowly secularises. Some of these cases end very badly, with total Obliviation of the child from the parent's memories not unknown. Even in more mild cases, a magical nudge is often needed to get them on board with their children attending a school of witchcraft. So those who recognise these signs in Pinkamena Pie's description of her strict Christian parents are likely to assume childish naivety on her part when she asserts that they simply agreed to let her go.

In truth, no wanded magic was needed (although Pinkie's unusually powerful wandless kind may have played a part). The Pies had spent years already trying to manage their daughter's "miraculous" powers and were honestly glad that there was somewhere where she might fit in. So as long as she promised to keep up her prayers and her modesty, witches' school was worth a try.

Attitude to Muggle World: Although mostly filtered through her heavily religious upbringing, Pinkie in time came to see the Muggle world as not lacking in fun. Not coincidentally, this increased enjoyment dates to after she began displaying unconscious magic, which she often used to brighten the days of those around her. And nothing is more fun to Pinkie than making others smile.

Attitude to Wizarding World: Utter wonder and joy, mixed with a slight tinge of homesickness. But the thrill of meeting real wizards and witches and goblins and house-elves and ghosts and so much more doesn't leave her with much time to think about home - especially since she's determined to make friends with all of them.

Wand: Dogwood and dragon heartstring.

Pet: None - although she does have a stuffed alligator called Gummy she likes practising spells on, Rumours of him moving are surely due to misinterpretations of these experiments and nothing else.

House: Hufflepuff.

Favourite Class: Charms - especially Cheering Charms! (She'd enjoy Divination, too, but sadly it's forbidden in the Bible.)

Least Favourite Class: Yet to find one.

Possible Friends: As far as she's concerned, all of Hogwarts, with no regard for species, status or temperament. At the very least all of Hufflepuff and many more besides.

Life Goal: To make everybody in the world happy with magic. (Normally when Muggleborns start talking like that they get Ministry eyes on them, but no-one can quite take Pinkie seriously - for now.)

Notes: Due to her suspicious backstory, odd magic, frequent visits to the kitchens and unconfirmed ability to Apparate within Hogwarts, there is a persistent rumour that she is part house-elf. Even some of the actual house-elves don't seem quite sure, despite the fact that she wears clothes.



Name: Rainbow Dash (Raine Bough)

Blood Status: Muggleborn

Background: An ordinary enough girl - if tomboys who could outrun and outfight her whole class count as ordinary - born to ordinary Muggle parents in an ordinary city. And yet from early on Rainbow was determined to be extraordinary - to be first a superhero, and when her parents admitted that might be a bit unrealistic, an Olympian athlete and a fighter pilot and a rock star. And her parents were not the sort to discourage those ambitions, even though they really couldn't afford to pay for lessons in everything - they figured she would settle on something in time. Her suddenly becoming a witch, however, took them quite by surprise.

They did find out a few years earlier than most Muggle guardians and their children do, due to Rainbow's friendship with the young witch Fluttershy (see her profile for details). After the girls used accidental magic in front of each other during what would come to be known as the Rainboom Incident, they often met so that Rainbow could learn magical secrets from Fluttershy - and then her brother blew it to both their parents. So everyone knew Rainbow was going to Hogwarts long before a letter came for her - and the only real change to her goals was the addition of new ones like "Quidditch ace" and "Auror". (NEWTS? What are those?)

Attitude to Muggle World: Some parts can be pretty awesome (like supersonic jets) but she always knew that she was about 20% too cool for it.

Attitude to Wizarding World: It's her superhero dream come back to life. I mean, they have dragons! And brooms you can fly on - not as fast as a jet, but a lot more personal, and she can start a lot sooner! (Not soon enough, though - if the Shy's had one broom between them she'd have stolen it already, and she's been caught trying to use her parents's ordinary Muggle mop.) One thing she doesn't get, though - why've they got to hide all that awesome?

Wand: Chestnut and phoenix feather.

Pet: None at the moment - owls are too stuffy, cats too prissy and she isn't even going to dignify toads with a reason.

House: Gryffindor. (The Hat did suggest Hufflepuff, but loyalty is easy - she'd rather be known for her deeds.)

Favourite Class: Flying - though not being allowed to do Quidditch or have your own broom yet is bogus! (Well, she used a more grown-up word than that - and immediately began planning how to "borrow" a broom anyway.)

Least Favourite Class: History of Magic... and Astronomy...and Herbology...and Potions...even the wandier lessons have too much homework, to be honest. Rainbow thought she was here to learn magic, and writing essays is not magical.

Possible Friends: Has a temperamental relationship with AJ, but certainly won't mix well with anyone else in that dorm. Is a natural if somewhat impatient protege of the Weasley twins. And of course, going to different houses isn't nearly enough to break her friendship with Fluttershy.

Life Goal: To be a Olympic athlete and a fighter pilot and a rock star and a Quidditch ace (in all positions) and an Auror and...



Name: Fluttershy (Flora Shire)

Blood Status: Half-blood (two Muggleborn parents)

Background: What happens when two Muggleborns come out of Hogwarts and the War with no family left and no real love for the wizarding world, but no qualifications that would let them work outside it? Well, they settle down on the edge of a Muggle city, commute to work in dead-end jobs by Floo and bring their children up without much grounding in either side, not knowing whether to hope for them to show magic or not.

Fluttershy's own magic took a long time to notice, because it was one that wasn't one that was supposed to exist. Only one kind of wizard could speck to one kind of animal, and the less said of that the better. So when their daughter related to them conversations she'd had with birds and mice and bunnies, her parents assumed she was just being imaginative. And it might have remained so, if not for the Rainboom Incident.

Fluttershy's enrollment in Muggle school had not been very fun for her, but there was one high point - taking care of the class rabbits. She was so good at it that she made all the other students look bad. So some bullies decided to have them "escape" on her watch, a classmate stood up for her, and Fluttershy ended up finding out that she wasn't the only witch at her school. And the other girl's magic was far more impressive, so much that Fluttershy was convinced she must be a pureblood (her parents had passed on a bit of a Muggleborn inferiority complex) and blurted out more than she probably should.

After that she was pretty sure that she had broken the Statute of Secrecy and was about to be dragged off to Azkaban at any minute, but it was still fun to have another witch friend to play with - and one Fluttershy could actually teach things! And then Zephyr caught them at it (and Rainbow broke his nose) and it all came out to their parents, including Fluttershy's totally not imaginary and utterly unprecedented magic. And it was then agreed almost unanimously (except Rainbow, to whom the idea of hiding her magic was strange enough) that they would keep it to themselves - after all, the only wizards who could speak to animals were... well, best not talked about. Instead, they focused on preparing the girls to go to Hogwarts together.

Attitude to Muggle World: Kind of frightening - she understands why wizards live in hiding. Pity she can't quite explain it to Dash...

Attitude to Wizarding World: Once she mostly thought of it as just scary - but a mix of Dash's fascination and books about magical creatures has started to make her think it might not be so bad. But her parents must have been so afraid of it for some reason...

Wand: Willow and phoenix feather.

Pet: At home, a rabbit called Angel who is quite troublesome for her parents in her absence. At Hogwarts, an owl called Posey.

House: Hufflepuff, just like her parents. (The Hat did consider Gryffindor, but unlike the Longbottom boy she had no reason to stick it out.)

Favourite Class: Care of Magical Creatures. Yes, first years aren't supposed to take it, but they aren't supposed to be on the Quidditch team either and look at Potter. She's so happy she doesn't even get nervous at being surrounded by third-years - all she worries about is her secret being revealed.

Least Favourite Class: Potions - not just the teaching, but the sheer number of magical creatures killed and dissected for parts disturbs her.

Possible Friends: Still friends with Rainbow, although their different houses and her secret is straining it. And Pinkie said they were friends, but Pinkie said that to everyone and it can't be *that* easy can it? And she definitely likes and appreciates Professor Kettleburn, and gets on well with Hagrid, but they're grown-ups...

Life Goal: Something with Magical Creatures, whether in the Ministry, Hogwarts or independantly like her idol Newt Scamander.



Name: Rarity (Adira Taylor)

Blood Status: Half-blood (Muggle father, witch mother)

Background: Pending.(not sure whether I want her raised in Hogsmeade or a Muggle town...)

Attitude to Muggle World: Pending

Attitude to Wizarding World: Pending

Wand: Elm and unicorn hair.

Pet: Her beloved cat, Opalescensce.

House: Slytherin. She can't deny that it fits, but she knows that as a half-blood she will be expected to fade into the background. Well bugger that, as her father says.

Favourite Class: Transfiguration. That something can be transformed completely into a more beautiful form speaks to her - and that's besides the practical uses in her work.

Least Favourite Class: Potions - oh, they have their uses, but why do they have to be so messy? And doesn't she spend enough time in the dungeons already?

Possible Friends: Well most of her housemates are right out, although she will endeavour to maintain cordial relationships. And they do get ever so suspicious when a Slytherin talks to other houses - not that said houses are often welcoming themselves.

Life Goal: Nothing less than to totally redefine magical fashion. Oh, and use the wealth for some good causes too.


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This thread appears to be related to the My Little Pony fandom and/or the Bronydom in general. Thus, it has been moved to Sugarcube Corner.

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I love this! It's amazing how ponies' characteristics would fit right into the HP universe. :twi: really, you could make a religion out of this

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39 minutes ago, Latecomer said:

Thanks...:blush: Anu questions or suggestions?

actually you pretty much nailed most of the thing!

7 hours ago, Latecomer said:

Attitude to Muggle World: Pending

Attitude to Wizarding World: Pending

For Rarity, since she's a half-blood her attitude for muggle world is how trendy their fashion is! While for the wizarding world, since their culture are a bit outdated compared to the muggle world, Rarity will have one or two things to say about that! :wacko: 

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