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For a collection of these, many of the "Most Outrageous Game Show Moments" specials are on YouTube or see this channel.


As far as specifics, mine is when Jeopardy! asked for the dice combination of an Easy 10 in Craps. A contestant guessed "What is 9 and 1?"

Honorary mentions:

From the same show: "Of Pastism, Presentism or Futurism, the literary movement that began around 1909." "What is Modernism?"

The Family Feud contestant who answered "Morning" to "Name a time most people get up."

The Wheel of Fortune episode where the contestants kept mispronouncing the names Regis Philbin & Kelly Ripa. Close second was when a contestant called "H" when the puzzle board had the second letter of "spit" missing.

A contestant on The Newlywed Game who thought a guitar was a wind instrument.

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Sometimes I watch them with my mom and I watched a lot when I was stuck in bed recovering from my surgery late last year.

With that said, it's hard to think of specific instances, but your last one reminds me of how weird it is to see these super smart Jeopardy contestants who know so many things that I would never know stumble on the most easiest of classical music and musical instrument questions.

Like I just can not emphasize how wild it is that they are super knowledgeable on so many different subjects, so much to an extent I can't even imagine, and then when it's get to music they don't even know the most basic things. I don't expect everyone to know such things about music, but these super smart contestants? It should be easy for them.

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Here's a Fast Money segment where two people end up giving stupid answers: 


Some "highlights": "Name an animal with three letters in its name (i.e. rat, dog, cat, bat)" "Frog" "Name something that comes in a summer storm?" "Snow" (what the hell?! How does snow come in the middle of the summer in most parts of the world?) The only coherent answer the first family member got was saying ice was something inside of a refrigerator, which some models don't have a freezer door.

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