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Mothpony OC, design is memorable or meh?

Handsome Changeling

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Well, I threw my old boy Void on here a few years back, really appreciated the feedback I got on him to help formulate a better less all over the place character, but this is from a purely aesthetic point of view as I have gone through a few iterations of this girl before settling on this design specifically, and I wanted peoples opinions on her design wise before I even consider backstory and lore! Even a few words would be appreciated! 

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I generally like it. I think she could use some more buggy features since she looks more like a regular pony wearing a costume I guess, and I think this is an instant where her eye color could stand to be repeated elsewhere. Maybe the tips of her chest floof, or streaks in the main and tail, or as an outline of the spotting on her wings. Otherwise, digging it!

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@Handsome Changeling

The design is nice by itself, though the vibes I get are more towards a dragonfly than a moth. Looking up pictures of moths their wings are typically opaque with designs based on their environment, also their wings are very large proportionate to their bodies. The only thing I would change is to make the wings larger (Should look something like a cape when not flying, reaching the ground when sitting), opaque, and have a slightly more intricate design depending on her personality, perhaps the design changes according to her mood? Serving as a camouflage when she is scared or an indicator of excitement and sadness?

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