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Regards to covit-19


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Hello everypony I hope you are all doing well in these difficult times please remember to wash and sanatize your hands daily and always practice 6 feet distance tips when y'all decide to go out hope y'all have a nice year and even nicer years to come thank you all for your time and paitence please remember no profanity of any kind not anything bad while chatting thanks and have a blessed day praise the sun and moon y'all

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That's very kind of you and while we appreciate the warm words, it would be best to do so through status updates. To make one, use the +Create menu in the upper right corner and select the "Status" option.

You can then find your status updates in your profile. To view all status updates posted by everyone, click the "New Status Updates" button. :) 




With that being said, I'll be locking this thread, as Welcome Plaza is for introducing yourself. Thank you for understanding. :fluttershy:

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